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Saturday, November 8, 2008

'Tis the Seaon

Here we are again, headed for the holidays with all their warmth, love, colors, flavors and stress. Last year the ‘Hood discussed ways to celebrate the holidays. Some of us like to go to the mall and share our hard earned money with manufacturers and run up credit debt. It is the American way. Some of us are forced to be more creative and resourceful, shopping at Goodwill, thrift stores, and garage sales. Many of us just plain like seeing what a delightful holiday can be created without contributing to Black Friday and by buying locally. Our family goes so far in our not participating in Black Friday that we actually celebrate Thanksgiving on that day instead of Thursday. It will be interesting to see how well businesses do on this year the day after Thanksgiving.

Have you started your holiday shopping? Will the current American economic situation impact the amount you spend? As a nation we started conserving gas and the price came down. We have become a nation of consumers, consuming 25% of the world’s resources and goods while we are only 5% of the planet. Maybe if we start buying less and giving more of our time to each other we can discover some of the spirit that was original to our country. But then I’ve been accused of being un-American and attempting to destroy the American economy by my thrift.

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Lorraine Hart said...

I've picked up small things at thrift stores and yard sales all year and make my own cards. There will be just a few new purchases, of no great price...then we will spend our love, liberally, as was asked.

The biggest chunk of money (for which we have been saving change and small bills all year) goes to Anna's sponsored daughter in India. With very little we can make a huge difference for her family.

As I get older, I'm also enjoying giving my grown children some family treasures that I know they love. I'd rather see the joy on their faces while I'm alive!

Stephanie Frieze said...

This year I am resisting the temptation to spend $60 to send out photo cards with the grandbabies on them. It's a hard call with a brand new baby in the family, but when cleaning out his den my husband discovered a slew of Christmas cards sent to him over the years by every nature organization known to humankind. We will take pictures of the babes and print them on compute paper to include in cards sent to those who might actually be intereste in seeing our grandchildren. I never know what to do with those cards of people's children. I cannot reuse them as package tags, like I do with other cards. I hate throwing them away and so once in a while I send them back to the original senders or their parents. I think we can make a whole blog about cards and paper.

JosephMcG said...

I shall be working the day at the hospital the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. The greatest gift I have received are the friendships of the folks who are always with me in my heart. Because of them I am not feeling lonely now and I am sure the holidays will be a wonderful time of quiet for me. I am not going anywhere because I know the emotional ups and downs of being with people on the holiday would not give me the rest I shall need to be present to the patients. No martyr here... just so pleased that, finally, I am no longer connected to the hush and worry I have gone through over the years at this time.
The gift I shall be giving to many are frequent phone calls, snail mail and emails beginning Monday and continuing through next year.

Happy Season to all

Stephanie Frieze said...

The gift of our time, truly being present, and "keeping it real" are intangible, priceless gifts, Joseph. You will be giving so much to those who need it most.