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Monday, November 17, 2008

Preserving Memories

Many of us grew up with parents, particularly fathers, who owned cameras of one variety or another and who documented our childhoods in 8 or 16 mm film or 35 mm slides. For Baby Boomers parents are passing away and the films are aging. If not preserved someday a piece of American history, that of the Cold War Era, will pass away, too.

If you have aging film and slides that you want to preserve on DVD for your children and grandchildren I highly recommend that you deal with someone local. What seemed like an answer to a prayer when I found Florida Home Movies, turned into a bit of a nightmare because I could not go to the business and find out how things were going.

If you are interested in my experience check it out on The View From My Broom.


Mizu Sugimura said...

Have I read this blog before in another life?

Stephanie Frieze said...

Yes, I wrote one when I found Florida Home Movies and was excited about getting my father's movies transfered to DVD. I am glad I did it, but recommend using a company closer to home.