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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Evening Reverie

I decided recently to go out in the early evening and see what magic my camera might catch...I have always been one to smile and shiver and go exploring when the night wrapped itself in spring warmth and quiet darkness... I stopped downstairs in the hall to tease a good friend who was cleaning the various offices and asked her to take a picture of me with the garbage she had been collection.
"Night time is a great time to toss the hurts and worries of the day into the trash can," I thought.

From the second floor I saw the street lamp kissing beautifully the tree just in front of it. That sight had moved me to slipper my way downstairs and outside. I couldn't get that picture. But I did get one I think is a breath taker.
It got me thinking about the Lennon Lyric: "You may not get what you want. But you might get what you need." (Excuse my poor paraphrase)

And I really tried to catch the sweet dance between the darkness and the light. Need I add a trite cliche about the ups and downs of life?

How about sharing a few of your fond night time memories?


Lorraine Hart said...

Ooh pull me in here. How I love the night, whether it be outside under the stars, or happily lost in the quiet inside.

In NYC, you don't begin performing until at least ten or eleven at night and you play through till four in the morning. Walking down Bleeker St. in the Village...street theatre happening everywhere...doo-wop in Washington Square Park.

How different now. Just the other night I sat out on our back deck watching the slow turning and the constellations passing. This is more my speed these days...and the new rhythm of my music.

I remember a night. It was on the Stoney Nation Lands, near Banff Park, Alberta. We had a gathering after Grey Wolf journeyed on. We were camped by the Bow River and could hear it rushing over the stones. The Milky Way and so many stars were visible (even the movement of satellites) that it made you feel like you were truly in space. The air smelled like campfires and the Alpine meadow. As my daughter and I slipped into our sleeping bags, two wonderful young men came over to the window of our van and serenaded us to sleep.

That night held every emotion...and embraced us with it. Thank you for sharing...and for asking Joseph. You made me rub the story-teller's stone this morning! xo

Mizu Sugimura said...

Well, it can be certainly said that all - your breathless account, bubbling enthusiasm and arresting photographic images have all hit a magnificent new height.

That said, please also extend our warmest compliment to your good friend whose snapshot taking skills are exemplary.

The published candid is simply without price!

Stephanie Frieze said...

We are lucky to have so many talented photographers here in the Neighorhood!

JosephMcG said...

Thanks for the wonderful story, Aerie, and, folks, keep the beauty moving through the blog...

Anonymous said...

"You can't always get what you want" belongs to the Rolling Stones, not the Beatles!