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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How will you stimulate the economy?

After talking about it for a couple of years today I signed up to get fresh organic produce delivered to our house by Terra Organics of Tacoma. Now why in the heck would I do that in the midst of an economic crisis? It’s my form of economic stimulus. Yesterday I received my letter from the Social Security Administration informing me of my one time payment as part of the “American Recovery Act” (it was nice to have good news from SSA for once). Since I am not in want of a television or stereo and the amount is not enough to go to Europe or anything like that, what better way to stimulate the economy than by giving my recovery money to local farmers, something I like to do in good times, too? The produce will be fresher and it’s one less thing to think about when I’m shopping for our large family.

How will you use your recovery money?


Kim Thompson said...

Glad you signed on with Terra!

Money above and beyond goes to doing fun stuff with my kids!

JosephMcG said...

Lots of wisdom, Stephanie... we can do it... get through these tough times, if we look around, stay local, and keep working to make our space a safe, healthy space...

Lorraine Hart said...

We support our local farmers within our grocery budget but there is no "extra" money beyond paying for medications and necessary supplements not covered by Medicaid for Anna, or required co-pays through our insurance company. I've got a $700 deductible and 20% of an MRI to pay this year.

I'm not crying the blues, mind you. Our needs are met, we have jobs, family and friends. What I can't stimulate with money, can be stimulated by many other actions. We ARE going to get through this, hopefully with better focus and more open hearts to each other.

Mizu Sugimura said...

What imagination and creativity we can stir within ourselves and bring with us to the issue will be certain to contribute to what payoffs we are able to realize in the end.

As a much beloved character in a debut of yet another chapter in a major television and motion picture saga opening this week may have more elegantly said: "Each according to their gifts."