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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Liveable Community Fair

Every year, this community event grows and makes me more proud of our neighbourhood. This year we were so thrilled to have a booth set up by our friends, the nursing students from PLU, for educating the community on ticks and the dangers of tick-borne infections. Anna and I came to join them and handed-out over 125 tick tools. I was very happy to hand some over to Chuck West and other firefighters, which they all assure me will be carried on the rigs for their own safety.

The kids kept everyone entertained with lively songs, some percussion and choreography.

This is Bob Delaney who works hard for Habitat For Humanity. Right now they're building two new houses on the Key Peninsula. If you'd like to volunteer for this worthy cause, please go to and click on "volunteer link," or call Bob at (253) 884-6469

The Parks Department had great representation. We made sure they received their tick tools and thanked them for all they do. They had great Penrose Park t-shirts, so I bought one to take home to my husband.

So many booths...Friends of the Library, Two Waters, Public Works, Conservation efforts, the Key Pen News. This really is becoming a full community effort, where all neighbours become passionate for their causes and bring information to the people. Edie Morgan had a great set-up to show folks how The Mustard Seed Project is going. This is a non-profit organization, invested in helping our elders stay in their community and receive the help they need right here.

I thought it fitting to end with Edie's table...and this beautiful note (click on the pic to enlarge and read) on how to build community. By the looks of 2009's Fair, we're doing alright. Thank you to everyone who put their hard work into the event.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Great post and wonderful event, Lorraine! Thank you for covering it.

Lorraine Hart said...

If anyone is interested in the wonderful postcard "How to Build Community" pictured in this post, and would like to purchase some...please get in touch with Edie Morgan...

JosephMcG said...

People coming together... this blog is another occasion for my thinking and feeling that I am so very glad to be alive.