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Monday, April 27, 2009

Our In Your Neighborhood blog spot has featured wonderful pictures taken by South Sound adults. All through the snow and into the first stirrings of Spring, we’ve seen the South Sound through each other’s eye/lens. Once again, Key Peninsula Middle School is getting into the act.

KPMS photography teacher Michael Hunziker has 200 photos by Key Peninsula students currently posted on his website “Pride of the Peninsula.” “I've added two very impressive projects to the Cool section of the site, as well… one by Jamie Fairbanks, and one by Yvonne Breithaupt,” says Hunziker.

Twenty-six photos will be on display in the Tacoma Art Museum during the month of May and the same number on display in the Gig Harbor City Hall building in June.

If you have not seen the new St. Anthony's Hospital you should check it out. While there, be sure to see the permanent display of large (22X17 inch) photos from KPMS on display near the emergency room entrance. They will be adding another gallery of photos in oncology soon.
The student work is amazing so stop by Hunziker's website or St. Anthony's.

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