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Friday, April 24, 2009

Love and the Local Farmers: Terra Organics

I am passionate about locally grown food. It just feels good to contribute to local farmers and farms. The food is good for my body and tastes great on my plate. And lots of times, it's awesome for my pocket book too. In the South Sound, we are lucky because we have many ways to get great locally grown foods. My favorites are:

1. Farmer's Markets (Downtown Tacoma, 6th Ave. and Proctor).

2. Going to the farms directly to purchase (Terry's Berries).

3. Eating at restaurants featuring locally grown eats (Primo Grill).

Now, I've got a fourth favorite, Terra Organics. Terra Organics is a Tacoma based organic produce delivery service. They provide varied boxes of fresh, delicious produce right to your door. The company uses some of my favorite local farms. Produce is selected to provide interesting and practical combos for you and your family. Packaged attractively and environmentally friendly, the produce tastes just great. Terra Organics provides a weekly sheet of environmental tips and tricks, GREAT recipes, and other account info in your box.

And speaking of account info, it's easy to manage your order. Everything is online. You can change the size, contents (substitutions are allowed) and frequency of your order. Simple and user friendly.

And as local growers get more and more bounty as we get deeper into spring, I can't wait to see the surprises in my box!

Check 'em out and see you around the upcoming markets! Yeah!


JosephMcG said...

Practical, helpful, and timely... those are qualities I found in your excellent piece of writing...

Thank you, Kim

Kim Thompson said...

Oh, thank YOU! I am going to try two of the recent recipes and post a report.

Stephanie Frieze said...

It is exciting that it's that time of year again, Kim! Thanks for all the good information. Great writing, perfect timing.

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks! I love spring!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Hey, Kim, I signed up for Terra Organics and we get our first delivery next Friday. I mentioned your name. We are getting the big box combo biweekly for now to see how it goes. I love the ease of the sign-up and the fact that you can edit your order whenever you want. Thanks for bringing this back to my radar. I had grabbed a handout at the PO about Terra, but promptly lost it.