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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Calling My Birding Neighbours

Can anyone help me with identifying this wee yellow bird? The closest I could find in the book was a Thompson's Warbler...but the colouring was slightly different on the face. Thank you for any help you can give me.


Anonymous said...

Hello Precious! The wee bird in question looks like a
Townsend's Warbler. Great pic! Keep up the inspiring
photography. The 'G'ster ;-)

Lorraine Hart said...

Reeblefrazzinrattafrat...that's what I meant to say...Townshend's Warbler...but the colouring on the face was different than the photo in the bird book.

Thank you preshuss...think I will!!! xo

Kim Thompson said...

Hey, my bird book also says the same. It's got to be in the warbler family for sure! What a sweet bird.

Lorraine Hart said...

Yeah...pretty sure about the warbler part. He's very striking...and very quick! It took me about four days to manage to get these shots through the window.

The markings for a Townshend's were different in the photo I looked up. Perhaps I need to check google image.