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Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting Trashy Over The Bridge: What's Up?

Here's a letter to the editor I submitted today. Not sure if they will want to publish it, but sent it anyway. With Earth Day coming up soon, well, the timing couldn't be more right. Read on:

About a week ago I traveled to Longbranch on the Key Peninsula to visit relatives. I was HORRIFIED at all the trash on Highway 16. It was everywhere on the road, especially in the middle of the highway. I even saw old furniture lying there in a heap. When I took the Purdy exit, the Key Peninsula Highway wasn't much better. So, what's going on with this? Is it due to unsecured loads? Is it due to folks chucking trash out the windows? Both of these things are against the law, yes?

I spoke to several local residents and they said the litter on the road has been a long time problem.

Shame! That area is so pretty but the trash is unsightly and embarrassing. I think as a community we could get this figured out how to keep it clean. Right?

Kim Thompson
University Place


JosephMcG said...

Thank you for believing that we can make a difference...Joseph

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks! I mean, I've driving all over the place and Pierce County and have not encountered such a dirty roadway until now!

Lorraine Hart said...

*Sigh* Lots of us try really hard...and keep picking-up after our more thoughtless neighbours and those passing through. Parents have not done so well giving their children a connection to the land, giving them a respect for the natural world, or giving them a sense of honour in either.

Kim Thompson said...

Oh, I know there are folks trying very hard. Unfortunately it's a few bright spots on the blight.

Guess my letter is going in the paper in the next day or so. Perhaps it will help (or p*ss people off). Either way, it's a very small step in this kind of an issue.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Great job, Kim. Let's hope your letter is a wake-up call to people living over here, but I'd also like to point out that some of the mess could be the result of tourists passing through our community on their way to the Olympic Peninsula. I doubt if anyone brought their recliner for such a trip, but it is possible that not all of the mess is ours.

Kim Thompson said...

I believe that EVERYONE is responsible, passers-through and locals alike!

My letter did go in, edited a bit, but we'll see.