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Friday, October 10, 2008

What A Day--A Mountain--A Man

Friday was just spilling over with surprises for me... I had found myself:
a. facing some of my greatest fears at work and surviving them
b. seeing doors open for a friend in ways that I can only say were wonderful and mysterious
c. going home and meeting a man who can best be described as a gifted teacher,
a wonderful story teller, and a lover of life
Here is a picture of that gifted man!

He caught my (already ready to just dance my way all the way to the moon)attention when he enthusiastically pointed out the beauty of our wonderful Mount Rainier. I stopped, listened to him, went out on to our balcony, and gratefully welcomed into my soul the beauty of all I saw there.

The story teller had made my day


Stephanie Frieze said...

Congratulations on the great day, Joseph. May all your days be wonderful!

Lorraine Hart said...

I've lived here for over eleven years now...and every bit of natural beauty out here still stops my breath with grateful joy.

Such a beautiful shot with the moon over Mt. Tahoma, her real name. Thank you Joseph...and a hello to your friend.