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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Presidential debate #2 coming up!

Has politics ever dominated the news cycle in anybody's recent memory the way it has this year? The convention speeches and the two debates thus far have set records in terms of viewership. Now, we've got the second presidential debate coming up Tuesday night, and the campaigns are starting to take the gloves off in the home stretch! Join us at Elmer's on Hosmer, across from the Shiloh Inn off I-5 at exit 129, to watch the two contenders battle it out once again. Please RSVP,, for full details -- and invite a friend or neighbor!


Lorraine Hart said...

I'll be watching at home...where I can freely throw rolled-up socks at the telly, each time I hear those same old tired lies coming out of the mouth of one of the Keating Five.

Maverick=Lost, unbranded calf. Self-centered is not independent.

A war-hero, he is, but I also believe he still suffers from PTSD and is dangerously emotionally erratic, unfit for the presidency.

Stephanie Frieze said...

My son and I will be doing the same, Lorraine. I'm not buying the "Joe Six Pack" thing. To me the connotation of Joe Six Pack is a trailer with cars up on blocks. Joe Six Pack isn't worth over a million dollars and/or have seven homes. Besides, I don't want a leader who is like me. I want someone who is better prepared than me to lead the nation. We are supposed to be electing the best of the best. This is the highes office of the land, not PTA President.