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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Exciting Tacoma!

Once again we have excitement in Tacoma! Yesterday Nordstrom opened their shiny new location at Tacoma Mall. Two floors of merchandise with glamorous hand bags, pretty shoes, colorful make up, stylish clothes, home furnishings and a new café with tasty food. This is the first new Nordstrom in Washington State in several years. Being the great Northwest is where Nordstrom was born; this is as important for Tacoma as it is for the retailer known for its excellent customer service.

In 1966 at the Tacoma Mall, Nordstrom opened their sixth store location. I am sure this was very exciting for Tacoma being the Mall was only two years old at the time and certainly expanding. It amazes me to think 42 years later we are celebrating again. If you notice on today’s page 1 of The News Tribune’s Business section, I am directly behind the woman caring a red handbag, clapping. You know me – always celebrating the great city we live in! I love Tacoma! I wouldn’t have missed this Tacoma celebration for anything. Congratulations Nordstrom and Congratulations Tacoma!


Stephanie Frieze said...

It is perhaps an unfortunate time for an up-scale department store to be attempting to pay for a new building. Seldom having shopped at the old one, I've no idea what was wrong with it. Nordstrom's is definitely a NW institution, but I've always been disappointed that they strayed so far from their original reliable shoe stores. They lost me when they became a department store and raised their prices.

Lorraine Hart said...

Sorry Patty...I really love and appreciate how enthusiastic you are about Tacoma...but, trying to afford the cost of a chronic illness in America, Nordstrum is a thud on my yay-o-metre too.

I can, however, be pleased for you and your joy of shopping...enjoy!