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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bye-bye Little Holland: Mikey's makes way for wrecking ball

An era comes crashing to an end near Center and Orchard Street as demolition crews clear the land for new development. Only memories will remain of Mikey's and the Mikey Burger at The Little Holland Drive In.


Anonymous said...

The Little Holland should be moved into the city of Fircrest since many of the residents of Fircrest go to eat there.A good spot would be the old Manley's Parking Lot.It should be preserved rather than demolished.

Anonymous said...

There was an article in the news tribune online today that said it was going to remain open for another year to 18 months. Which story is correct?

VW said...

I hate the name "Mikie"! I've never liked being called that. Not even my mother would call me that and when those annoying LIFE cereal commercials came out, I could have happily tortured the person who thought that "Mikie Likes It" was somehow cute.

In any case, I don't wish the guy any ill. I hope he's able to continue on somewhere. I just won't be buying a "Mikie Burger!"

aka Mike...or Michael...or anything but MIKIE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The News Tribune story is correct. Little Holland has 12-18 more months of life in it.

Anonymous said...

I know the original owner of Mikey's and her birth name IS Mikey. She now owns a popular restaurant in Grayland, WA. And, by the way, she has a sister named Willie.

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