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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Give Me A Clean Heart

I woke up Tuesday morning feeling old aging stiff and sore. Smiling, I thought to myself, "Well, dummy, what did you expect? Three hours of heart felt sharing with some absolutely special people. You got home at eleven, hit the pillow at twelve, and had to get moving by six... did you have a great time (yes), did you feel heard and accepted (yes), did you get caught up in some especially wonderful music (so wonderful, absolutely beautiful... yes, yes, yes!) So I decided to stop whining and share some moments, dear friends, that I had with singer, writer, and choir director extraordinaire, Tina Lombard Harris...
(let me get really manipulative here... Lorraine, wouldn't a night of your teaming with Tina be just absolutely beyond blog words, Nobel or Pulitzer prize writing words to even begin to imagine... here's a picture of Tina at the keyboard:

Here are the lyrics for the gospel song she sang Monday night and just enjoy this wonderful woman singing
Give me a clean heart
so I may serve Thee
Lord, fix my heart so that I may be used by Thee.
For I'm not worthy
of all these blessings.
Give me a clean heart and I'll follow Thee.

I am not asking for the riches of the land.
I' not asking for the proud to know my name.
Please give me, Lord, a clean heart, that I may follow Thee.
Give me a clean heart
a clean heart and I will follow tThee.

(repeat first verse)

Sometimes I am up and sometimes I am down.
Sometimes I am almost level to the ground.
Please give me, Lord, a clen heart, that I may follow Thee.
Give me a clean heart, a clean heart and I will follow Thee.

(repeat first verse)


Lorraine Hart said...

Set it up some time for this winter and I'm in Joseph! She's wonderful.

Mizu Sugimura said...

This was quite a treat!

JosephMcG said...

Tina loved your comments... and I shall be getting her to make some comments and sing some more songs in the very near future...


Brian Cox said...

I like that song. Are you reading from a chart or book? Can you either tell me what book or send me a copy of the song chart?