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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Glories of Autumn

I love this time of year. The pretty flowers of Spring and Summer are delightful and I enjoy the warmth of the sun. The opportunity to turn inward in Winter is a necessity for me, but my very favorite season is the joy of Autumn with its colors and harvest.

This picture was taken at Gig Harbor High School. Each Fall this courtyard is my favorite spot at work.

My favorite holiday is Halloween with its chance to play dress up and its opportunity to remember those who have gone on ahead. Last Saturday my husband, son, and I spent the day decorating for Halloween.

Here is my breakfront in my kitchen with my pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns.
Here's the witches in the dinning room with my son's considerable cobwebs!

On Sunday we rewarded ourselves with our annual Autumn drive. Last year it was Greenwater. This year we went on a crisp sunny drive over to Key Peninsula all the way to Penrose State Park and Far A Way. We’ve decided that Penrose will be a destination next summer with the children.

We took our dog Loki with us who enjoyed a long walk down a forest trail, away from a loud foursome who were sharing a picnic lunch and the echo the bowl of Penrose provides. They were not young people, but rather four retirees who haven't lost their sense of play, but didn't realize their antics were spoiling the silence of place.

My second favorite holiday is Thanksgiving when I can celebrate my family with a holiday that Hallmark has not been able to commercialize since Thanksgiving is about the emotion of thankfulness for all that we’ve been blessed with.

Here is our dear friend Jon cooking our turkey in Ilwaco last year. That bird was the best I’ve ever put into my mouth and he and his wife Jo are now our designated turkey cookers. They were already designated family.

Here we are last year sharing our Thanksgiving meal in Ilwaco.

This year we will have much to be thankful for. My mother has survived two bouts of infections and my husband has so far survived a work closure. And best of all we will have a new member of the family whose arrival will occur any day now!


VW said...

I dread the cold weather and the rains, but your essay in words and pictures captures beautifully the wonderful aspects of autumn that I do love.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Now VW, the cold rainy weather is a great excuse to snuggle down beside a fire with a great book. I don't actually like being out in the bad weather. Only the excuse of being inside with the garden not calling. :-)

Lorraine Hart said...

Ah, I like your style m'friend! Balanced between the comings and goings...and always sharing the warmth of family and friends.

A new wee bairn coming into the family...och-aye, now that's tae gi' thanks for!

JosephMcG said...

Thanks for taking me to those deep places I find lots of joy in... being part of family, enjoying beauty around me...

Stephanie Frieze said...

You're welcome, Joseph! Your posts inspired me.