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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Mountain Top

It was a very foggy early morning trip I was envisioning. The meeting I wanted to attend would be starting at 8:30am. The meeting takes place every Saturday on the Hilltop and, at that meeting, I feel very much at home... men and women are there, all ready to tell stories, the hard ones and the inspiring ones, frightening or sad or hope filled and joyful... I frequently come to those meetings unfocused and weary but I always left renewed... so I was ready to cautiously make my way to the meeting that morning

I decided to try the side roads because whether raining, snowing, or hailing, folks will get on 19th and start barreling downtown or streaking home in the early evening or late night on 19th. So I decided to go to Cedar, turn left, and head on downtown by the side roads. A recreational vehicle came flying off one of the streets to my left and almost hit me. (My language would not have been fit for anyone's ears. In fact I felt my own ears turning blue with a number of words I had learned at the feet of my truck driving stepfather). But I managed to get to the meeting safely.

The meeting was wonderful... focusing on the needs of our children... quality education, safe streets, productive and fulfilling jobs, futures full of promise.
At times I felt sad; other times I clapped my hands merrily; frequently I nodded when I was presented with an idea that was insightful and stimulating. And after that meeting I went to the Family Y and had an hour discussion with a close friend about prayer and service and God. By then the sun was shining.

I let myself enjoy the warm afternoon sunshine, knowing that I had had the opportunity to meet some absolutely wonderful people, that I was feeling refreshed and renewed, and that it was time for me to get back to enjoying being alive, learning with other people, and working with them to make our world a good world for all.

I had a wonderful morning and early afternoon experience... a mountain top experience---frightening, challenging, exhilirating, just plain sweet-beautiful--As I thought about writing this post, I heard Martin King speaking within me... he spoke of serving and living and dying... he spoke of the vision he had had... where he had been to the Mountain Top... and how all he really wanted to do with the rest of his life was to love God by serving others... I wish each one of you wonderful friends, stimulating conversations, the over riding desire to support others in leading healthy, safe, and emotionally-spiritually fruitful lives...
Any Mountain Top Experiences you would like to share... Hopes and Dreams for all of us


Stephanie Frieze said...

I love your trip to the mountain top, Joseph! The foggy pictures are my favorite. I always look for the road less traveled which is why it takes me a little longer to get to where I'm going. It makes the trip so much more interesting. Thank you for bringing me along.

JosephMcG said...

I have loved the fog every since I used to watch the Sherlock Holmes movies on tv back in the fifties...
But thinking about that car coming so fast off that side street has got me just a whole lot concerned... I am especially concerned about the big trucks making right turns when they have to take up two lanes or (horror of horros) when they are trying to get across a main street before the street lights turn from yellow to red...
Just wanting to live a little longer