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Friday, February 4, 2011

Preschool's Humble Beginnings--Look No Further Than Tacoma!

Did you know that the concept and phrase preschool was born right here in Tacoma? The Tacoma PTAChild Study Clubs in 1916 (otherwise known as preschools, a phrase developed in 1915 here locally). By 1917, the state convention adopted the phrase preschool. Later, the California Congress took it a step further and created what was known as a Family Life Education department. Credit was given to Tacoma for coming up with the concept as that was the foundations of our current day kindergarten system. As we can see locally, this concept has grown by leaps and bounds considering all the rich preschool options we have.  discovered a need amongst mothers with young children that weren't yet school age and what can be done for them. This lead to the formation of

Want to learn more about this exciting piece of history and many other amazing good works by Tacoma PTA? Check out the Tacoma PTA 100 Year Birthday Bash held at Lincoln High School on February 17th. Details are just a click away, right HERE.

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