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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The News Tribune's new online format lacks link to In Your Neighborhood blog

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I like the appearance and overall functionality of The News Tribune's new online format. But what concerns me is that the link to our "In Your Neighborhood" blog is absent.  The only blogs I can find listed anywhere on the site are three for various sports teams.  I've clicked on every tab and reviewed every drop-down menu on the site, but have come up blank on finding the "In Your Neighborhood" blog.  So, perhaps I am just writing this to myself at this moment.  I dunno.  I've submitted an inquiry to The News Tribune regarding the matter -- complimenting them on the new design -- but also questioning where our blog has gone.  If we, the contributing writers to the "In Your Neighborhood" blog have been kicked to the cyberspace curb, it would have been nice to have been informed of that.  We have contributed 1,350 blog entries in the years since we were invited to participate by The News Tribune for the launch of the "In Your Neighborhood" blog.