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Monday, February 28, 2011

A BrIef Whining Session

If you please. I can barely manage to tumble out of bed when it snows. And so I have been"cabin'd, cribbed, and confined" (with all due deference to my mentor, William Shakespeare) the last few day. Read a lot, tried desperately to eat only healthy foods (sigh) and pushed myself through a lot of reading.

Got back in tune with that wonderful writer, Richard Wright. Read Wrogjt's "A Father's Law," and went off into gloomy spaces, considering a few of the emotionally shattering moments in my life when I have in thought, word, or deed, struck out at people who had done absolutely nothing to offend me or hurt me.

So I was ready to start getting out again, relating to other human beings and so pleased to have the possibility of having myself grounded in the healthy space of face to face conversation.

When, I looked outside and saw
Rain turning to snow.

Now it's turned back to rain. WHINE:It is going to be an interesting day-END OF


Lorraine Hart said...

I know this is a hard winter Joseph, just yesterday we had quite the hailstorm over here. But I do believe March will go out like a lamb...I truly do. Take my hand and we'll see it through.

JosephMcG said...

You have got my back... I got your hand..
As long as I can slip and slide down to the bus I am going to keep on keeping on...