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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Cold Outside

Decided to head on down the hill, cross the street, and go to Target to pick up my medication. I was trying to hide behind my desire to stay inside and avoid the cold, but I had to let that go when I heard that the snow is coming. So I headed out and I was astounded to see wonderful young folks outside just enjoying the grey skies and the afternoon sunshine but what was on the horizon...

Grey skies, very cloudy, and I had to face the possibility (after all tv reporters and the Tacoma News Tribune was being perfectly clear) that SNOW WAS COMING!!!I'm from Texas. Left Houston when I was twelve years old. I remember getting lost one snowy day when I was coming from school, missed my bus stop and had to figure out how to back track to my home... scared, you bet, but I was not smart enough to ask for health. Cold, getting dark, and then it started snowing.
Oh I was cold and scared. One house looked like another and I was not used to figuring my way by knowing the names of various streets. Never, never occured to me to knock on anybody's door, calling home, and asking mom or grandmom to come get me.

Kept walking, getting tired and feeling hungry and then I started thinking that I was going to die out here. But I kept walking and finally made it home and I was so very happy to see the light shining on the front porch. I cannot remember telling mom or grandmom what had happened. Probably didn't because I kept a lot of fears and pains to myself.

So I have had hard times in the cold and snow in Texas, but nothing like the Northwest.

Still I had only a few blocks to go and I was used to walking to the pharmacy so I strolled on down the road, listening to rhythm and blues on my ipod, and doing my best to not start swinging my arms and doing little dance steps to the music.

Got my medication and headed back to Bellarmine. As I headed up the hill I started snapping my fingers and doing little dance steps. Cold it was, but I had decided to really dress up... heavy jacket, gloves, nice little cap, and I was feeling ok. As I came up the hill, little flakes started coming down. By the time I got up the hill the snow had stopped. But I know that the snow is coming and I am going to make sure that I am dressed warmly and ready to do some little dance steps.

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