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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Annie Wright presents Molière’s comedy The Learned Ladies

Special thanks to Jen Willey for providing this press release:
Annie Wright Upper School presents Molière’s comedy The Learned Ladies with a modern twist! 
Friday, February 21, and Saturday, February 22
Shows begin at 7:30 pm at Annie Wright Schools’
Kemper Theater, 827 N Tacoma Ave, Tacoma Wash, 98403.

The greater Tacoma community is invited to attend the zany production of this delightful French satire and for an evening filled with comedy, pop music, and wild costumes. Come and discover if the 17th century characters will be doomed to re-live their story for all of eternity or if their modern counterparts will finally get it right and allow for the two lovers that belong together to finally be united.

As part of Annie Wright’s commitment to the community, Annie Wright Upper School will host a drive for the NW Furniture Bank. Attendees can help by donating any small home goods items such as: plates, cutlery, serving pieces, glasses or the like that are in good repair.

(Comments from Jaynie:  It's a great service that the NW Furniture Bank provides to the community to help people get back on their feet and set up housekeeping after being homeless or from other circumstances where they've lost everything and are starting over.)

Students will be admitted free with their student ID and/or donation. Adults who donate a home decor item will also be admitted for free. General admission (without a donation) for students is $5.00 and for adults $7.00.