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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Lite and Other Weather Survival Strategies

I used to get so irritated when movies or television shows that are set in Washington State depict their scenes with abnormally heavy rain and constant fog or ominous cloud cover. Then there are the folks who DON'T live here that ask about the rain. All the time. Sigh.

I always used to think this: Hey, it's not like THAT all the time!

Yet, lately it IS here, in Grit City. 

The rain has come down hard and constant like being in a cold shower. The grayness is extra thick and impermeable. Everything is damp, muddy, moldy, and rusty. Especially the people who live here! I remarked yesterday on my Facebook status that it was 8:00 AM PST and all the blinds were drawn open so the light could pour in. My nightlights in the house STAYED ON. A good chunk of the day for that matter.

I am full blown weather weary. It's June for goodness sake. Everyone is complaining here, not just me. We are tired, lackluster, and mild cranky. So, I took steps to mitigate the effects of the weather.

I bought these (and wore this color in my outfit!):

I got this for strength:

Now when this didn't work, I added this in:

Then it was the final straw (and after a couple glasses of wine), I broke out the big guns and I bought the Happy Lite. It's a lighting system that is supposed to help people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and simulate sunshine, lightness, and brightness in your home.

I suspect it's merely an overpriced lamp.

What are your tricks for getting through stretches of wretched weather?


Lorraine Hart said...

This has certainly been a difficult stretch, though the last few days have had some beautiful afternoon moments out here in Home. The birds have really helped me. I put up fresh sugar-water for the hummingbirds, right in my window...such bright wee flashes of colour! I noticed how they have really begun to do both mating and territorial aerial ballets I know the seasons move along.

Here's what I did today...finally was able to get that one hour massage my kids gave me for Mother's Day! Ramona is one of the great masseuses in Key Center, right next door to the library. Oh gotta...and so does your mum!

Hang in there darlin' and keep using the lamp...we'll get there.

Kim Thompson said...

Hi there! I wish we had more hummers where I live. I rarely see them, even with feeders out. Of course the dog hates birds, so I guess that doesn't help, eh?

But I do get eagles overhead, and ducks and geese. And my husband even saw an owl recently. So that is cool.

I have a gift certificate for a massage as well! You've inspired me to use it!

Gigi said...

I just put on the rain gear and get out and walk anyway! Hey, we are north westerners and have webbed toes. What's a little rain anyway! And it keeps us green!

Kim Thompson said...

Gigi, what a great attitude. I went out last night and rain 4 miles in the stuff. It wasn't too bad.

Lorraine Hart said...

Yay Gigi! It's true...taking a walk in it is what we mossbacks do too.

Some moments good...some not so all balances somewhere in the middle with human emotions, if we allow ourselves to be within movement and not just the static ends of good and bad.

Do certainly LOVE the green...and prefer this climate to most others. Really would love to check out Hawaii! But I'll happily play in a puddle wichoo G!

Stephanie Frieze said...

I don't mind the rain or the gray days, but I'm getting weary of the cold. I had to put the flannels back on our bed.

Try some B52 (B Complex), Kim.

Lorraine Hart said...

There's an osprey clinging onto a tree branch for dear life in today's wind, and the little birds are getting tossed around in it!

Stephanie, I never did take the flannels off the bed so far this year. I was beginning to think I was having trouble with my inner thermostat when I couldn't get myself to take off the three layers I've been wearing every day! LOL

The hummers are sure happy that we didn't take the Christmas lights down...perfect protected seats under the arch for them!

Kim Thompson said...

I am wearing flannel pjs RIGHT NOW.

Kim Thompson said...

I have on the Happy Lite now. It's actually kinda cool.

Kim Thompson said...

Definitely need the Happy Lite this morning. Ugh.

daveclark said...

Face it, our weather is gloomy. Why else would a writer after doing the research determine that this state would be perfect for vampires to hang out in? (even if they are sparkly...) There are plenty of other places one can be to enjoy and appreciate the sun, WA isn't one of them. And that's why some of us live here.

Kim Thompson said...

Good point daveclark. You know, I actually know some folks who come to this state from others to escape the sun and heat of their own states.

Even though I complain, I still live here. I still love it. Or I could be a vampire. Who knows....

Lorraine Hart said...

As long as there's weather outside...folks will have something to talk about! LOL!