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Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering The Lyme Warriors

Before the month of May bows out to June, I want to remember the warriors who have fallen from Lyme disease, while fighting for care and compassion in a shark tank of medical business. I want to thank the doctors and researchers and advocates who work tirelessly for a quality of life for Lyme patients and to educate the public about this very misunderstood disease.

Just today I received a call with another story of a doctor...a pediatrician...telling a mother not to worry about her four year-old who had just been bitten. He insisted that we do not have Lyme in Washington State. Our online support group now has 98 members, with 33 pending...and that's just the Puget Sound area. There are too many patients and not enough doctors skilled in combating these complex, chronic infections.

Here are some links for a short documentary on how to protect yourself from exposure to ticks...

part one
part two
part three, last part

If you don't have time to watch the documentary, keep this in mind:

How a scientist assesses risk for Lyme inside yards:

1. Rodent habitat (wood piles, leaves, mulch piles)
2. High humidity areas are where ticks can be found - shade, leaf coverage on the ground.
3. Evidence for deer.
4. Relationship between tick habitat and the risk for human exposure.
5. Do pets come through the yard or do you have a dog that goes out?

This post is dedicated to our beloved Leslie Wermers, Lyme-Warrior extraordinaire...and to her sister Tracie Schissel, who still fights the good fight.

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