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Sunday, June 27, 2010

South Tacoma Farmer's Market A Winner! Please Support!

Today was my first visit to the South Tacoma Farmer's Market. 

I loved it.

I am in University Place and it was a quick trip down South 56th. Parking was super easy and ample. The market was larger than I expected, but what I really dug was that there was such a laid back, chill, Sunday feel. There were quite a few vendors that I've seen at my other markets that I attend. That was nice and familiar. However, I found a couple of new vendors that I was really excited about. Lucky Pig Farms had a charming mom and son team and I got farm fresh eggs and chicken breast from them. I overheard the farmer speak of letting the farm animals do their natural behaviors and have plenty of access to fresh air and land; most particularly, I enjoyed hearing the story of  how the pigs romped in the mud yesterday. I don't consume meat, but my family does and I liked the attitude and respect of Lucky Pig Farms. I also enjoyed the kindly vendors at Northern Fish Company. I got the "salmon candy" sample for my husband which he loved. We rounded out our purchases with fresh asparagus and raspberries. Delicious!

And what I think is even more delicious is the fact that this part of Tacoma has a little treasure like this. It's good for the area, good for the local businesses, and good for the farmer's market process as a whole. Being on a Sunday, this helps accessibility. Tacoma folk and beyond: PLEASE visit this market. Let it thrive. It's good for all of us.


Jude said...

Ms. Kim -

Your reporting far exceeds the that of the TNT staff, in scope and quality. I wonder if the editors realize that paid readership might actually increase if they considered that an audience wants to read about timely, relavent stories, rather than the same subpar drivel its paid reporters spurt out? K

Kim Thompson said...

Wow! Thanks for the fab compliment! I aim to please!

Lorraine Hart said...

You mos' def' are the Gritty City Woman and deserve a column of your own in the Trib...but we know how that goes these days! Glad we have you here Kim...and in your other fab blogs that can be accessed by clicking on your name, here in the comments.

I'm grateful that each of us, in different neighbourhoods, can now get to Farmer's Markets and Food Co-Ops. This is one retro move that makes a world of sense.

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks sweet Lorraine. I am honored to write with such a great crew in the 'hood.

I love how the markets are accessible for many neighborhoods. You know what would be my secret dream? To have a market year round like Olympia days (reduced days during the winter, etc.). That would be cool. Of course they have a nice indoor/outdoor facility. Now, Tacoma, where were we at on the food co-op?