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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday's Taste of Tacoma: A Whirlwind Tour!

My kids and I made a trip (due to our schedule, a quick one) to the EQC Taste of Tacoma early this afternoon. Despite the thick gray clouds that hung low and heavy over Point Defiance Park, I thought there was a decent sized crowd. Surprisingly, I got pretty good  parking in a nearby neighborhood which was a lucky break (sorry event folks, but I will NOT pay $10 for parking for this event). After a short jaunt, we headed straight for food tickets. Swell deal on that: for $15 I got $20 worth of food tickets (today's special)  to redeem at the vendors. It was the PERFECT amount for our little family of three (that covered three meals and beverages).

I opted for a vegetarian gyro (not bad, more robust than what I have had in the past). My children claimed in the car that they wanted to try something new, exciting, different. So, they noshed on cheese and pepperoni pizza slices. Ah well, what can you do? They liked their slices but hated the Jones Soda I picked for them (berry flavored). They tried to pawn it off on me, but I don't like or drink soda, so that part was a bust.

Speaking of bust, there's the whole carnival thing. I don't like these. I know many of you do (the Thompson children certainly do), but I find them lame and a waste of $$$$. But the kids really wanted to, so we did it, but I gave them a strict budget. My son won a bunch of cheap toys playing games, my daughter covered herself in cotton candy, and we stuck to our little budget, so I wasn't grumpy. Neither kids wanted to do rides (thank goodness). They seemed like they wanted to walk around and people watch more, which, hey, is my favorite sport.

We wandered through a few of the vendors (tie-dyed clothes, henna body art, and other kitsch) dominated the spot we saw by the carnival area (didn't see the other stuff up by the food vendors as we ran out of time). My husband wants to go back tomorrow for lumpia. I just learned what that was--may have to give it a go, if it comes my signature veggie style.

Speaking of signature foods, what do you like to eat at the Taste? What don't you like?

Bon appetit! 


Stephanie Frieze said...

Taste of Tacoma is a fun event that we go to if we're in town. We like to park at TCC and take the bus. The buses run so often that there's never a problem and it beats driving around looking for parking!

Kim Thompson said...

I know lots that take the bus down. It's a good system. We had to be in that end of town for an appt. so we drove. I am glad the weather has been stable enough for people to enjoy it.