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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bone Machine-- A Joe Donovan thriller

Go to the web address below. The author of Bone Machine, Martyn Waites, will tell you about this wonderful novel which I borrowed from the Martin Luther King Library in Tacoma.

I spent many, many very reflective hours reading this thriller. Why? The author's description of the inner conflicts many of the characters he described empowered me to look at my own hurts and hopes, doubts, concerns, losses, and (thank You, my sweet Lord) friends--- the sunny days and rain filled moments of my life.

I have gotten used to moving through life in an unreal way... walking confidently along life's well lit comfortable pathways and avoiding the dark, narrow streets that are part and parcel of day to day life: confusion, miscommunication, anger, failure, serious and terminal illness.

Martyn Waites' hero, Joe Donovan, has to choose life when his child has been kidnapped, his wife has left him, he has chosen to drink excessively, and he has tried one time to kill himself. Then, because he is a courageous and brilliant investigator, he is asked to find out why other people have disappeared or been killed.
Like many of us, he has to wake up daily, face his own inner demons again, and help others to courageously face the challenges of their own lives.

Bone Machine will offer you a chance to cuddle up with a novel which will hold your attention and, perhaps, take a gentle, tough look at your own weaknesses and strengths.


Kim Thompson said...

Wow! This one sounds intense--a lot of human universal truths.

JosephMcG said...

This brother Waites can tell a very deep story... and a number of his books are available at the public libraries...
and I am getting closer and closer to doing some new, very deep stuff... I am very grateful to him and to all of the writers in my life who write honestly from the heart