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Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring-Like Tea Party

"If a woman has no tea in her, she is incapable of understanding truth and beauty."

The above Japanese proverb was sent to me by Mizu (I confess to the gender-changing!) after a most delightful, Spring-like tea party here at the Aerie. Stephanie coming made the perfect trine...and she was so good to pick up Mizu in the Harbor, doing the drive down our Key Peninsula. It warmed my heart to read this proverb (feeling as if my beloved tea parties had somehow been hijacked by angry mobs lately) and to remember the day.

The Winter tends to see us all hibernate and, truthfully, I had not been feeling so great through 2009, so my hibernation was quite extended. Between caregiving and giving self care I had lost the delight in tea parties. I think there must be some magic in the weather we have been given lately though. We're a little afraid to talk about it because of other places being slammed by Winter...but come on, let's be grateful for what we have! The sunshine that makes us mossbacks curly, made me bring out a Spring tea-pot (that actually belongs to my daughter) white with pink tulips. It was a special occasion to be welcoming my friends, so I brought out Gram's china, circa 1930. It matched nicely, thank you Gram!

Stephanie and Mizu were a vision of my favourite end of the spectrum, in purples and blues on my doorstep...and so the party began. A tea party (for those who might want to know the deep philosophy and truth of this gathering) is truly connected to the Japanese proverb above, and celebrated in many cultures. We gathered for a connection of joy with each other, and to have a polite, balanced exchange of our thoughts...though I think my guests were very indulgent of their host.

On a beautiful Spring-like day it is custom to walk in the garden, here at the Aerie, and look to see what is budding, whether the tide is coming in or going out, and just like the flowers coming, we raised our faces to the sun in a baby-blue sky. We walked the unclear and wobbly Winter labyrinth, fingers of uncut brambles reaching for our clothes. It wasn't really a meditative walk...just some more fun as we talked the afternoon away.

I picked sprigs of rosemary and lavender for my guests, before they left. Both smell so delicious and calm the inner senses. They are, to the nose, what tea is to our understanding. We bloggers are a true neighbourhood, but Winter has made us hibernate. There in my living room, in beams of sunlight, sat two of my friends. With tea warming our insides, we shared with each other our understanding of truth and beauty. Our Spring-like tea party was full of the understanding of friends. This in itself is truth and beauty.


Kim Thompson said...

Wish I could of been there! Sounds like all of you were practicing aloha. Good for you!

Lorraine Hart said...

We missed you Kim! Are you still in Paradise...or is the Grit back on?

Mizu Sugimura said...

Thanks again Lorraine! This piece is as idyllic as our visit.

Kim Thompson said...

My Grit is in full swing! I brought sun back with me!! Hooray!

Lorraine Hart said...

Love yo' Grit honey...could it be that the sun brought you back? :)

Stephanie Frieze said...

Lorraine, it was devine being with you and Mizu. Kim, we will do it again with our Baby Blogonia.