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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dogs Flourish In Local Off-Leash Dog Park

The off-leash dog park at Chambers Creek Properties (adjacent to the Chambers Bay Golf Course) in University Place has been a source of pure joy for my family and our family dog, eight month old Border Collie, Kona. The park is clean, lots of water for pooches, and benches and great scenery for humans, it's a great play to play with your dog and to meet other folks with their four-legged friends. The park is maintained and organized by a local volunteer driven organization called SUNDogs. Click on the link to check them out and see how you can help, too. It's a fun place and neat group that's easy to love.

Speaking of love, my Kona gets so excited when we say dog park to her! She loves to run like the wind and catch a frisbee in her mouth. She socializes with other dogs a little, but as a Border Collie (a working breed), she is focused on her human family and her work (work being defined as getting that frisbee). It's fun to watch her have so much joy and the other dogs as well.

The other enjoyment that I personally get is talking to the other owners. Dog park folks are so darn nice! And I love to learn about their dogs, the dog's breeds, if there were a rescue/adopted dog, and the dogs little quirks. I learn so much, get fresh air, and with the upcoming springtime, perhaps a little sunshine too!



Aya Hashiguchi Clark said...

Hooray! Let's hear it for off-leash dog parks (Tacoma is in dire need of sanctioned off-leash areas)! Let's also hear it for border collies (my beautiful collie is named Jeti)!!

Thank you, Kim, for reminding us that man's best friend also needs love, care, socializing and aerobic exercise.

Kim Thompson said...

Hi Aya! I agree, Tacoma needs this too! I love your border's name! How cool is that? My border really thrives when she gets this kind of interaction and play. She is so much healthier and happier. In turn, that makes her human family feel the same!

Thanks for your comment!

DeeDee said...

Another fun run for dogs is Wilkerson's Park in Gig Harbor. There's a good sized pond the dogs head for when turned loose, plus lots of room to run, along with dogs of all shapes and sizes to run with. It seems to be quite the meetin place :o)

Kim Thompson said...

Oh, DeeDee, thank you so much. I've never heard of this place. I will have to get over there. I am not familiar with Gig Harbor so much, but I am sure I can find it. I love going over the bridge for adventure. Good tip!

Lorraine Hart said...

I didn't know the one in Gig Harbor either Kim...will check it out when we can.

Kim Thompson said...

Aha, we could meet there, Lorraine with dogs in tow!

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