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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring Fling, March 6th., 2010

You know Spring is right around the corner when Two Waters Arts Alliance puts on their Spring Fling! Yes, it's that time folks. Above is this year's poster, artwork by Pat Meras. It's a beautifully painted view of Vaughn Bay in which you can feel the gentle movement of water. Oh, you know how much I love my artistic community out here on the Key Peninsula! Have you ever wondered why the name Two Waters? Well, on the eastern side of the Key is Carr Inlet, and on the west it's Case Inlet...hence, we are between two waters.

I have been trying to showcase to you, some of our beloved artists but there are so many more...and I'm moving soooo slowly! You'd be much better off to come down to the Key Civic Center, see for yourself and spend a delightful evening talking to the artists. Oh yes, did I mention that a certain Jazz combo will be coming with new songs in their *"musette?" There will also be hors d'oeuvres and a no-host bar. I'm thrilled to hear that they are, once again, having a student art exhibit, and there will be a "gift shop" with cards at very affordable rates.

(*musette is a type of Parisian street-music..but also means a type of tote bag...hence "Jazz Musette.")

So mark your calendars, art and jazz-lovers! We will be celebrating the Arts on our Key Peninsula with The Two Waters Arts Alliance, Saturday, March 6th. at 7pm. Place is, the Key Civic Center, 17010 South Vaughn Rd. KPN. Please consider becoming a member online, or at the event. Write to or call 253-884-4807. Non-members will be charged $25 and must be sixteen or older...$20 for members at the door.

Annual Membership Levels for Two Waters:
Patron (or Matron!)--$100

Check out for all sorts of in-school involvement and classes! Now, I need to go and walk through the garden...feel a bit of Spring Fever coming on!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the boost! We are getting ready for the big event and really appreciate you helping to get the word out!

Kim Thompson said...

I haven't been able to get to this, but I'd love to give it a go this time! It sounds just great. I'll let my mom know, too.

Lorraine Hart said...

It's my pleasure to help my friends! Kim I would love to see you and Marilyn there...I could introduce you to Tweed! Oh yes...and Bev...oh honey, just come down and dive into COLOURFUL SPRING!

Kim Thompson said...

Mom is going to be in Longbranch 3/6 I am pretty sure--so, I need to get myself out there. Sounds fun!