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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Little Movie That Could

This morning we found out that Under Our Skin, a documentary on Lyme disease and the politics of medicine, did not make it onto the final list of five nominated for an Academy Award. It had been on the short list of fifteen nominated in the beginning of the Oscar process and we are so proud of Andy Abrahams Wilson and all of the crew at Open Eye Pictures. They have done more for Lyme disease awareness, since the film's release in 2008, than over a quarter-century of advocacy for chronic Lyme patients.

Do check out February's People Magazine for an article on Lyme disease and this little film that could. We are out to stop an epidemic coming, especially here, where the climate makes for a perfect storm. Do you ever wonder why the Pacific Northwest has the highest numbers of M.S., an idiopathic condition that puts a name to a list of symptoms? Do you wonder about how Lyme and other vector-borne infections mimic the symptoms of over three hundred other diseases, including M.S., Lou Gehrig's disease, R.A, C.F.S., F.M.S. and Parkinson's, to name a few? We are not zealots, telling you EVERYTHING is Lyme. We are advocates with years of research experience...because we could not turn to our doctors, uneducated in vector-borne infections.

Again, we congratulate Andy and Open Eye Pictures on their initial nomination for an Oscar.


Kim Thompson said...

I would like to offer personal testimony of this film. It is very well done, poignant, and powerful. I found myself wiping away tears, feeling outraged, ready for advocacy, and ready to spread the word about this condition. Seeing it is a MUST.

Even though this film didn't get nominated, no matter. It will save lives. That's far better than publicity and prizes.

(Off subject: Lorraine, did you realize that you have made the 1,000th post to this little blog that could today?).

Lorraine Hart said...

(Squeeeee....I KNOW!!!) Look at us go, here in the neighbourhood! We've covered a lot of topics...and I look forward to more. 2009 was a difficult year and I didn't get to writing as much as I would've liked.

Just to let folks know, our Lyme support group meets at the Library in Key Centre this coming Saturday, 3-5pm. We also invite those who are chronically ill with something else, but share many of the struggles and would like some support...or to ask questions.

Getting education to the public is our goal with advocacy...and families supporting each other through the fight for recognition and treatment.

It would be nice to see Federal legislation giving patients the right to informed choice. Do you know, women with breast cancer have had to do the same legislative fight for choice of treatment. They tell us to take responsibility for our own health...then LET US.

I'm rather angry that Medicaid cuts have started at the wrong end...with the patients and caregivers. Never mind the millions lost in research fraud and mismanagement.

It's really time to find out where the REAL holes are in the national purse, medically and everywhere else. This documentary lays it out straight...and the truth speaks for itself.

Lorraine Hart said...

Very disappointed to find out that the article was just a quick blurb in the "Movies" section. We keep waiting for more from investigative reporters...if any exist these days.