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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Good Wine Made In...Tacoma? You Bet!

Tacoma wine.

Yes, it is true! The Pont 21 label, created by Philip Coates on North 21st in Tacoma's North End, is a micro-winery. The current release is a cabernet sauvingnon blend. Tacoma Super Blog, Exit 133 got to the wine first before me! Click HERE to read Exit's scoop. The writer didn't review the wine's taste, but gives a good background and a nice plug on the winemaker.

I however, had the wine last night, and unlike my friends at Exit 133, I will give you my thoughts (and no, it's not really my deal either, but what the heck!).

For wine that retails for about $20, this is GOOD wine. I really enjoyed it. It was smooth and easy and was a superb accompaniment to my pasta with vodka sauce. Now the wine description terms used by those in the know are kinda goofy sounding, but here's my take: the wine had a smoky, oak-y (which I personally like), licorice feel to it and a smooth texture. Hey, that doesn't sound that bad for a novice like myself, hee,hee. Can't wait to try something else.

I suspect that this winemaking adventure in Tacoma will continue strongly. Check Pont 21's site (use my handy dandy link above) for the available local retail locations. One to add: I bought the wine at Azarra Salon and Wine in the Harmon Building in downtown Tacoma (my happily obligatory Azarra plug: I love this salon and their local community spirit. Check 'em out HERE).

Cheers Pont 21! Cheers Tacoma!


Lorraine Hart said...

I DO so love your Gritty City spirit Kim...and if I was into drinking 'spirits' I'd be buying a bottle to check it out...'cos you know EVERYTHING that is Gritty Groovy gal!! xox

Kim Thompson said...

Why thank you! Gritty Groovy? I LOVE that! Permission to steal the phrase?

I love my hometown (and surrounding areas). Exit 133 (a fantastic Tacoma blog) beat me to the punch by less than a day I think with the wine post.

The city will only get better, I believe and there will be more, more, more!

Lorraine Hart said...

Permission granted, oh Gritty Groovy One!