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Monday, October 5, 2009

Uwajimaya to The Happy Bean Deli and Coffee Shop

The Happy Bean Deli and Coffee Shop has recently opened at South 19th & Cedar Street, in Tacoma. It's located inside the lobby of the Cedar Medical Center in the space formerly occupied by the pharmacy.

The new owners, James and Bernie Capell, came to Tacoma from Oregon stepping out on their very own business venture in an area brand new to them. Their lovely daughter is also working with them in the deli. It is an all-around family effort in pursuit of a dream.

Bernie comes to Tacoma from more than ten years as the Special Events Coordinator for Uwajimaya, in Beaverton, Oregon. Her background in marketing gives her an edge in launching a startup business that will be successful.

As new residents of Tacoma, the Capell's look forward to becoming involved in community events such as health fairs and ethnic music festivals to bring people of all cultures closer together.

The Happy Bean Deli and Coffee Shop has been remodeled into a bright, cheerful, attractive place to stop and chat, grab a bite to eat, or just a cup of coffee on the go. Fresh baked goods are available daily, plus deli sandwiches, veggie burgers, nutritious, colorful salads, and espresso drinks. Free samples of the coffees are available to enjoy and 'try before you buy.' The coffee is outstanding. It's so good it would be worth a drive across town to have a cup; so are the sandwiches, banana bread, muffins, and bagels.

Stop by and introduce yourself, and you'll immediately be made to feel like you're old friends. If you have any questions, call The Happy Bean Deli at 253.627.4515.


JosephMcG said...

Thanks, Jaynie... I live so close to the Beautiful Bean, I had to go over and chat and chew for a while...
You have given me a great place to go to and hang out...

Jaynie Jones said...

I'm happy that you visited The Happy Bean Deli and Coffee Shop.

Bernie has created an inviting atmosphere and has the personal, dynamic energy that I believe will lead to success.

Welcome to Tacoma! We extend Bernie and her family our very best wishes for their success...