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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Local Dogs Get Ready to Howl

On another recent visit to Positive Approach Dog Training and Daycare in Tacoma for a workshop with my four month old Border Collie, Kona, I discovered something that's way too cool and way too fun for South Sound canines. Positive Approach is hosting their 5th Annual Howl-O'ween Hop just for pups. Doggies come to the center from 9 AM to 5 PM (in costume if you'd prefer!) for a day of howling fun. Owners drop off their pups to romp and do the following activities:

1. Ghost Tennis Balls
2. Graveyard Stomp
3. Bobbing for Fingers
4. Candy Corn
5. Fried Worms
6. Ghost Hunting
7. Smashing Pumpkins

I am serious.

And they get a cool photo taken and do paw paintings! And while doggie's family takes a little break from pup, if they REALLY want to see the all the hijinks, they can watch via Positive Approach's doggie webcam.

Yes, again, I am serious.

Too darn cute! And these folks LOVE dogs. Really, really love them. These are a wonderful group of people (we loved our trainer for the "Leave It" workshop, which by the way, Kona totally rocked in!).

I was guaranteed that this will tire a dog out from all the fun for DAYS.

So, I signed up Kona immediately. Her costume? Why she'll be dressing as a convict of course in the obligatory jailbird stripes.

Cost is $35.00. Because space is limited, please contact Positive Approach at 627-4275 or visit their website highlighted on their name above.

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