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Monday, October 5, 2009

Right On Jaynie

Ten minutes after I read your blog, Jaynie, I headed out on this bright, warm Monday afternoone for the Happy Bean. I absolutely love it. Bernie is a warm, positive person. And here is the motto she and her two friends have chosen for the shop...

Definitely I felt warm and welcome there. I enjoyed watching the smiles and conversation that went on as Cedar Medical Center nurses came in.
Bernie said she wanted to create a warm, safe place where nurses and folks who had come in for checkups could sit and relax. And folks like me could stop by and chat, enjoy the view, and the wonderful food and drinks. I enjoyed being there.

Readers, meet Bernie:


Jaynie Jones said...

Nice little video intro to Bernie. I wish her family tremendous success and community support. Every small business owner today needs our support. She has a great product and friendly service ready to embrace the community.

Kim Thompson said...

I was actually a pharmacy customer (before it closed). I was a bit distressed when the place closed, but I am glad to see it has very nice new inhabitants!