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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reverie In Grey

It was one of those I do not know how to manage days for me... quiet day at the hospital... most patients just wanted a few moments of time with me for prayer and then they needed to rest.And I was puttering through my brain trying to drain up old memories that would help me to answer questions like; who are you, why do you do what you do; do you know the impact you have on other people. Lots of questions. Answers? Hah!

The workday over, I headed out to my car. Windy, cool, rainy... I just wanted to get to the car, go home, and close my eyes for a while. Before I started across the street I looked down and saw that the shoelaces on my right foot had come undone. I was not about to take the time to stop and tie them right there. I headed down the block and, of course, there was a polite young man standing on the grass next to a car to my right and he just had to say, "Excuse me, your shoe is untied."
"Thank you," I replied, and kept walking, block done, I walked across a fairly quiet Martin King Way street.And all the time I kept saying, "why can't people mind their own business." The good side of me kept reminding me that the young man was trying to be helpful. The other side kept muttering words which definitely do not have to be repeated here.
I got to my car, fumbled around for a few minutes trying to find my carkeys. I really tried to keep my blood from reaching the boiling point. The rain and wet kept me cool on the outside... inside????

When I got home to Bellarmine and got out of my warm, wonderful car, I had enough energy to smile and shake my head. Coaches and the football squad... sunshine, rain, snow... there they were and this old dog had to admit that they brought my whining to a halt... Thanks, guys, ffor helping me to learn a little bit more how to be real...


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