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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Turning of Seasons, Elections, Brings Memories of Crisp Days And Thick Blanketing Fog

Above: Local initiative campaign sign. Photo copyright 2009 by Mizu Sugimura.

Like many adults of my generation, I spent far more childhood hours trying to occupy those extended time periods my parents and their contemporaries believed it was necessary for young people to play outside.

While half memories are not as precise as studiously gathered and recorded data, since I was a little girl I've connected the arrival of cooler mornings in fall and winter with a wave of nostalgia for those foggy mornings when swathes of frosty gray and white mist obscured the most familiar landmarks and signpost on the street that led to my elementary school.

Regular exposure to nature and the outdoors serves as an excellent reminder that a good part of our lives unravel daily in unexpected ways whether we are firmly focused upon these changes or not. During the upcoming election voters in the City of Federal Way are being solicited by backers of an initiative to change the format of city government to take back the theft of none less than their Constitutional rights and directly elect a strong mayor.

Do initiatives posing as timely topics purely generated by local citizens take on a different dimension? Would you want to be aware just how and why an organization with few if any personal ties to your community was more than willing to provide time, support and assistance to a vocal few?

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