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Thursday, September 3, 2009

An Autumn Melody Wafts Through The Air

The air if you've noticed in this part of the South Sound is feeling so much crisper now with as lazy summer days fold back to reveal just a hint of fall.

With swirly plumes of fog greeting my household on two mornings in the last week I feel as if we are being called to say goodbye to summer.

While the snapshot I took of the cellists shown here in the photo to the left was not captured in our beautiful City of Destiny, but on another oh so slight overcast sky one day in 2007 by London's Thames River, it admirably serves as a suitable postcard of this local bloggers present mood.

Holding that thought in mind, the photo presents a perfect invitation to retrieve what classical music CD's I have had here tucked at home for a soothingly pleasant and long-overdue audio review!


Jaynie Jones said...

I welcome the crispness and cooling we have begun to notice and wonder what will our winter be like this inversely proportional to our summer heat, e.g. colder than cold, snowier than last winter? I'll take it. It's always easier to bundle up more, but in the summer's heat there are only so many layers of clothing one can remove to try to get cooler. "Snow, hail, frost, chillblains come!" (That's actually a line I had during a performance in a Little Theatre production, in Walla Walla, about 50 years ago)

Lorraine Hart said...

Mizu...I must recommend you search for a youtube with Yo Yo Ma doing "Silent Woods." Seven minutes of the right frame of mind...and the look on his face as he holds out that last know he is in his "Bliss."

Mizu Sugimura said...

Lorraine - will do just that! Also decided to make a few additions to this group by the way which already includes some Yo Yo Ma. Now bona fide PNW gray skies and real H2O is streaming down from the clouds
overhead - it's more seasonal than ever!