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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunday Car Show

Six o'clock Sunday morning in downtown Edmonds, and I woke out of a deep sleep to the voices of men quietly talking. "Okay," I thought, "these folks are some serious old car lovers.!" I am in no way serious about cars.

I never had a chance to get behind the wheels of any kind of vehicle until I was eighteen. I just about scared my future stepdad bald that day. He never let me get near a car again. That's right... I did not try driving seriously until I was twenty eight. So there is no way in the world would I have had any worthwhile stories to share with my buddies at a car show. But I showered and dressed quickly and caught some serious car watchers gagaing on some cars that even I thought were hot!

That's right 2009... brand new day...there were some women who were getting wrapped up in the show too!

If you are ready for a little bit of the car show... HIT THE GAS


Stephanie Frieze said...

Don't you just love seeing the vintage cars, Joseph? Last weekend was also the End of the World Rod Run on the Long Beach Peninsula. People were lined up in lawn chairs all along the highway to see the cars go by. I should have taken pictures like you did!

JosephMcG said...

Keep that camera at hand, charged up, and ready for firing...