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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Squirrel Story

Quite a while back, I posted about this beautiful piece of artwork done by a wonderful friend. The more you gaze into it, the more animals you will find...and all of them are a part of Anna and my stories. Today I'd like to share one with you.

Can you see the wee squirrel, down in the left and shown a little more close-up here? Anna (and her brother) have always had an affinity with squirrels, raising three orphans at different times in New York. Each one was successfully given back to the life they were supposed to have and even came to visit, showing off their own kids!

Last Friday Anna walked into the front garden and heard a distress call. Rani the pup used her nose and led Anna under the big fir tree, where she found a very new baby squirrel absolutely covered in biting ants on the ground. My daughter knew just what to do, grabbing protective gloves and a tupperware bowl. She brushed as many ants off as she could before picking up baby gently and placing it in the bowl. Anna and my husband worked quickly and carefully to remove every last ant from the wee squirrel.

With the calm assertive energy that speaks to all animals, Anna comforted and quieted the baby. She knew the squirrel's best chance was to be taken back to mama as fast as possible, so my hubby managed to put a cardboard box safely in the tree with baby inside. Now it was time to wait. Sure enough...mama came and a joyous, noisy reunion happened in the arms of our fir!

Grey squirrels make these little "meh-meh-meh" sounds between mama and babies. We've learned to mimic it (doesn't work with red squirrels) and have had many cool responses. The next day Anna went to the fir tree and heard the squirrels happily meh-mehing. She smiled and began to join in just a little, softly at the base of the tree.

To Anna's delight, mama came racing down the tree to within just a few feet of her. Anna watched and listened as mama grey gave a speech of thanks, complete with a couple of dancing flips...and what looked like blowing kisses! Anna's face glowed as she came in to tell me.

Squirrel medicine is about gathering. Whether it be food for the winter...or food for thought. Anna gathers information and compassion, sharing with the world and all her relations. Call us squirrely if you want: it's good medicine...and who doesn't love happy endings?


kinsmed said...

Thank you very much.

Kim Thompson said...

So cool!

Lorraine Hart said...

All is well in the fir tree. Thanks for stopping by!

Gigi said...

Hey there preciouses! What a rescue and wonderful encounter. Those squirrels will be telling 'The Legend of Anna' for years to come!

Lorraine Hart said...

LOL...yes Gigi...they're tellin' it loudly!! xo

JosephMcG said...

Beautiful drawings... wise writing... thank you