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Monday, August 3, 2009

Krispy Kable (Hope this posts!)

Colour the Key frustrated fuschia and confused chartreuse about Broadstripe Cable. We can be very understanding and patient about replacing faulty equipment from the previous company throughout the entire peninsula...hell, we're cheering about that! But Broadstripe didn't move in yesterday and they have been cheerfully charging us full-fare for flaky cable services. Dare to be late or argue the cost for lack of services and you will be disconnected (KAPOW!) like that.
Before I continue my rant, please let me give kudos and a shout-out to the guys who are working out here. Nial, David, Tim, Leon...yes, we're on a first-name basis...we even hug them whenever they arrive. Would you like to know why (other than the fact that they have been working their tushies off in some of the most beastly weather we mossbacks have known) why they have come to mean so much to us? It is the HUMAN contact, the HUMAN concern and understanding. If I am paying you good money for services, this is what I expect to find when I have dealings with your company.
These wonderful guys are the best customer reps Broadstripe has. They have met my daughter and understand just how important being able to connect with the world is when mostly housebound. They have called to give us updates and explain what's going on. They are as frustrated as we are because they are made to pull double-duty, explaining for the company, when they'd like to just get this mess cleared up.
Now...let's visit the people who are actually PAID to be customer reps (custreps, as I've come to call them) for Broadstripe. We'll have to call them, you see, because they are in Michigan. Seeing as my cable-dependent house-phone hasn't worked in months, we'll have to use the cellie. Better make sure it's fully-charged because we are going to be on-hold for a loooooooong time, listening to Broadstripe's enthusiastic, self-stroking advertisements at full volume before hearing a crisp, efficient voice asking how they may help you. This is where it begins to roll downhill like a good wheel of stinky cheese.
We have copies of all the work orders, with details and dates...but each time we call Michigan it's as if we are at the beginning of the movie "Groundhog Day" and riding the redundancy roundabout! They don't "see anything going on at the moment," and their equipment "shows us as being online." My blood-pressure begins to feel the timing of Old Faithful coming close with each try at explaining what they should already know but don't....BECAUSE THEY'RE IN MICHIGAN...and they don't give a flying fanfare at the moon about a customer needing help! Why should they? There's no other cable game in town (though many are opting for Centurytel and Satellite TV) and they stand absolutely no risk of this customer walking up to their desk in calm, assertive, lethal Alpha-mode.
And the bills keep coming like the march of brooms in the Sorcerer's Apprentice. I can sometimes post a blog, send and receive some emails, even get onto some sites (requires dexterity, aluminum foil, and secret incantations) but in a very short time all shuts down and I am told that I'm disconnected from my server...even though my monitor says I'm online...and, more importantly apparently, Michigan's monitor says I am...and to quit my *itchin'! My fellow Blogonias remember that we have had these problems ever since getting the cable installed three years ago, under a different company. All have made money on my community and given caboodle in return for our hard-earned dollars.
On July 30th. testimony was given in Wa. DC on the Lyme Guidelines debate, which was being streamed live online. We were not able to take part in this, after waiting months. I gave a detailed account to the lead engineer, who made it part of his report to corporate. Everyone talks about compensation, further on down the road, for all this mess. Let me say this with enough projection to make it all the way to Michigan...
A few free months of HBO etc. is not going to be enough compensation, Mr. Shadid Butt (CEO), 16305 Swingley Ridge Rd., Chesterfield, Miss. 63017. Oh no. This company owes my community recompense, not because they have to replace shoddy equipment, but because Broadstripe custreps in Michigan have treated us so badly and not kept us informed. Rather, they have led us to believe WE are somehow to blame and annoying for asking for explanations and updates on the service we pay for but don't receive.
Monthly Broadstripe, $114
Customer Service, your sanity
Hard working engineers who update us....priceless!


Stephanie Frieze said...

What a horror story, Lorraine! I would have figured that they'd completed the job or at least were pro-rating your charges because of the lack of service at this time. I hope you are eventually able to get your bill reduced. I know that after the storm three years ago Comcast was willing to take off the days the cable was out, but you had to ask. It sounds like you've been asking to no avail. How much longer will you have the Company out on the Key?

Kim Thompson said...


The whole situation is ridiculous. I feel for the residents out there--I read the write up in the Key Pen News too. You should send this very post into that publication!

JosephMcG said...

Wow... thank you, Lorraine...

Lorraine Hart said...

Have now had a computer expert come and assure me it is NOT my computer, though a new router, with the Vonage behind it has made things slightly better...when the outside cable connection lets me. I was able to check my phone messages yesterday...from June 30th.
We're a long way from done. Le sigh.

I checked the Key Pen News Kim...that bit was last month...and was about going digital, rather than the cable company. More folks go through the Centurytel and Dish out here, it seems. Nothing in this month's...but I did send this post to my pal Hugh MacMillan.

Had to do an hour-long interview today...on my cell-phone. Still can't seem to upload pictures...but maybe the trolls under the bridge will let me soon. Now...what was the answer to that riddle?