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Thursday, August 13, 2009

South Sound Dog Days

When I was pregnant with my first child, I endlessly read “baby preparation” books (and no I still wasn’t prepared, really). I noticed that in each book, there was always a little mini-warning that read a little something like this:
“Some parents fall in love their new baby immediately. Others take more time to “warm up” to the baby and this is perfectly fine.”

So now that we have our new puppy (nine week old Kona), I remembered this advice and took it to heart. The kiddos are warming up to her; still a wee bit hesitant at times, but learning. And this is perfectly fine.

I loved her the minute I held her. Yeah, I am one of THOSE.

Kona is sweet, smart, and awfully cute. She’s learned some early commands (that’s in her breed to be quick learners).


She’s a chewer (and a chewer, and did I say a chewer?) and “mouthing” becomes nipping after a time. We are working on this and training hard. She’s dug holes, ripped up my pumpkin vines, and attempted to eat her own poop. Patience, patience, patience.

It’s hard work, clearly to raise this wee pup (who ain’t so “wee” these days as she’s growing rapidly). We have a puppy training class next week (you’ll see a post on this for sure). Because she’s a border collie, this breed takes extra training and harder work, but it’s supposed to pay off in the long run with a wonderful canine friend and family member.

And being a family member, our dear Kona is subjected to numerous nicknames. We are trying to refrain from all this giddiness, but it’s tough (though, kudos to us pack leaders for always using “Kona” for commands religiously). Here are the nicknames (so far): Konesers, Koneyon, Kone, Dog-Puppy, Duppy (slang for Dog-Puppy), Duppy Duppy Doo, Rapscallion, Rascal, Stinky, Girl, Kona Girl, Wiggly Giggly Puppy, Wiggler Giggler, Diggy Doggy, Diggy, Diggy Diggy Doo, Little One, Sweetie, and Girly Girl.


Affix the label: Dog lover.


Stephanie Frieze said...

It is divine to have that early bond with an animal, but I know that my oldest son's puppy is not calming down much. They are to take her to puppy training as well. She does all the things you list!

Stephanie Frieze said...

And this picture is too cute!

Kim Thompson said...

Aw... Puppy Training. We are using Positive Approach in Tacoma. I'll the 'hood know what's going on.

Jaynie Jones said...

Who could resist how precious she is?

Kim Thompson said...

Oh thanks! That's the tough part, when she is very naughty.

Lorraine Hart said...

I'm very interested in the Positive Approach let us know! I like the fact that they come to the house for just $10 more...very reasonable, I think.


You go pack leaders! When she gets a bit bigger, we could have a play date! The side yard is now a safe playpen.

They grow up faster than kids do...hard to believe Rani is now a big girl of 1 year. I can't wait to meet Kona...and I will do it touch, no talk, no eye-contact...until she's comfortable. xoxoxo...Those are for the puppy...but you can have some too! LOL