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Friday, August 28, 2009

Fred Meyer employees fired for random mistakes

I am a regular customer at the Fred Meyer Tacoma/Pacific store, as it is literally a 5-minute walk from my house. Today as I walked past a house on the next block, a rolled-up flyer in the cyclone fence caught my eye. It was about a couple of former Fred Meyer cashiers fired for accidentally handing back customers' checks for $12 and $26, asking that the customers who mistakenly received those checks return to the store to make good on their purchases.

I didn't take the flyer with me, in case by some coincidence that homeowner was actually one of the check-writers. But I remembered the name Juanita Carroll, and as soon as I got home I searched the Internet for some kind of petition or blog post about this lady's predicament. Nothing. I called the store and spoke to a manager, and even offered to pay the amount of the check, but the manager told me that unfortunately this was the store policy, and even if the employee offers to pay the amount, they must still be fired (they are eligible for rehire if they remain active in the union).

That's when I went back to the house where I'd found the flyer. I knocked on the door and explained that I would like to take it with me, once the man had read it just to be sure he wasn't one of those customers. He seemed to find my request rather laughable, but I didn't care. I came home and called the union straightaway. Apparently this has only recently become a problem with Fred Meyer. And it's a problem I really can't understand. Why would you fire an experienced 19-year employee who says she loves her job (that kind of person can't be easy to find -- I'd have to pop happy pills or wear a hidden vibrator to make it through a day as a cashier!) only to have to turn around and go to the expense of hiring and training someone new, someone who might not even last once they got a taste for what it's really like?

I couldn't believe the union didn't have an online petition set up to pressure Fred Meyer corporate to amend or at least reconsider this policy. I couldn't believe they didn't have diaries posted at DailyKos or HuffPo or even our local newspaper, the TNT. I rely routinely on Fred Meyer for many of my shopping needs, but I would boycott them in a heartbeat to get them to change this heartless policy. In today's economic environment, a job loss can literally be life-threatening. I didn't go put my life on the line in Iraq only to come home and see my fellow citizens' security jeopardized not by fanatical terrorists but by greedy corporate policies.

This is not the end of this, but only the beginning.


paulwebb38 said...

I agree, with "Luckycharm" regarding the Fred Meyer firings. Management sometimes does not think through what they do - they simply know they have a policy, and believe they must enforce it without considering the real effect on the company.
And what kind of a Union is this anyway? Get off your "duff" and defend these people for God's sake... Paul Webb.

Jaynie Jones said...

It is a bit surprising that the TV news stations and the local newspaper itself are not reporting on this. It's time to "Get Jesse" from KING TV to investigate it.

JosephMcG said...

Thank you for your sincerity and clear thinking...

Jaynie Jones said...

I did send the story to KING TV and Jesse Jones. I am still hopeful it is something they will investigate and report on further although I have not heard anything back as of this writing. Perhaps there is more to the story than what was included in that flyer.

Anonymous said...

I work for Fred Meyer. I'm the guy that reviews the security camera for mistakes every time a person messes up. A mistake is a mistake. We know that people make them every once and a while. But when it happens more then once, and keeps happening thats when it becomes a problem. There is a difference between making one "simple mistake," and negligence. These people will probably get there jobs back. and Will probably keep losing money for the company. So rest assure, the union will be doing there jobs. Who by the way, like to hire back associates who steal from the company. What people only know fom situations are little pieces from what they hear. they're aren't in the actual stores investigating all the incompitant and sometimes thieving associates. What people don't understand is that more then half of loss that companies like fred meyer endures is, from human error and theft. All from employees. Thats millions of dollars a period, which is a little over a month. So no need to get the story over to Jesse.

Anonymous said...

And I apologize for the improper grammr and spelling. I forgot to proof read.

Anonymous said...

I also work for Fred Meyer. I helped a family memeber get an interview which in turn he was hired. On monday this week he found $5 inside the store on the ground and took it and turned it in to the customer service desk. On weds he found $20 outside while pushing carts he picked it up and on his lunch told the store director what he found trying to find out what you do with cash you find out side the store. The store director told him a story about how they found 2 cashiers that were stealing from there tills and how he fired them. The associate wasnt told he should turn it in or even told "well if it was me i would turn it in". about 2 hours later hew was pulled into the Directors office and they told him what he did was wrong and then asked him if he thought it was wrong and of corse after realizing that thats what he was supposed to do with the cash told them what he did was wrong. he was given a 3 day suspension and was told he needed to call back to work the very next day. he called back Yesterday and they fired him. He had only been working at Fred Meyer for 2 weeks so he obviously did know the rules and so thats why he asked. This is not how you train employees. Remember he did turn in $5 he found earlier in the week cause some one told him that if you find any cash on the floor in the store turn it in.

Rochelle Gregoire said...

I was employed by Fred Meyer for 21 years until recently when I was fired for "One Honest Mistake". I was one of those loyal employees that was on those fliers that were disbursed throughout your neighborhood. I allegedly gave a customer back their check with those annoying coupons that take up so much space in your pocket and purses. The total? $31.50, for 21 years of service without any other disciplinary action. So of course Anonymous doesn't have the courage (I'm being nice here) to actually leave his name. He doesn't have all the facts!As he stated there are many components to every story. A long time employee such as myself has done thousands upon thousands of transactions in my career and We make mistakes! We are in fact human, are we not! Fred Meyer needs to re-write this unfair policy. There should be a progressive disciplinary structure as there is throughout the other departments for making mistakes. Unfortunately, they (Fred Meyer) has chosen to single out one department; cashiers. Long time Journeyman cashiers with benefits that they have worked hard for! This is the way big business today cuts their yearly cost. At the cost of those that line their pockets. An example of progressive discipline would be: first offense; a verbal warning, second offense; a write up, third offense;a suspension, and after that termination. I think you get the idea. We are not perfect! We learn from our mistakes. If we are not warned of our mishaps then we cannot change them. Can we?


Rochelle R. Gregoire -previous Fred Meyer employee of 21 years
James Center Fred Meyer Marketplace
6901 So. 19th St.
Tacoma, Wa 98466

Store Director: Lance Ross
Can be reached at: 253-564-7477

ssnodawg said...

I KNOW that this is true. One of my very best friends was one of FM's loyal employees for many many years. She didn't card someone purchasing cigarettes. The person looked old enough, and for whatever reason she just didn't do it. They fired her on the spot. NICE. I used to shop at Fred Meyer's all the time. But, I won't be doing my shopping there anymore. It's a personal choice and I chose not to give them any more of my money.
That's the only thing that I can do then MAYBE if enough people boycot they will change their unfail policies.

Stephen C said...

I too received one of the flyers (Bellevue) and while I a not usually compelled to follow up on these kinds of matters my curiosity was piqued being a long time FM shopper and fan. I do not find this hard to believe at all with the scruitiny put on cashiers for good reason. I will however sympathize with a longtime employee and I hope these poor folks' stories hit the news. I will sadly no longer shop at FM and I hope others will follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Fire the machines.
Me and my wife were at Bonney Lake Fred Meyers, we where herded into one of those self serve machines because FM is to cheap to provide decent customer service.
We wanted cash back, the machine accidentally gave us double what we had requested.
Lucky for FM we are honest enough to give the overage back.

So please fire the machines and give me some good old fashioned customer service.

FM's trying to save money to compete with Costco, Winco,Walmart and others.
But they are actually driving customers like me into those stores.

Anonymous said...

The Union that represents these workers is coming up on bargaining in 2010. This will be and is a huge issue for them on the table. Getting rid of senior employees because of their journeyman wages is cheap and wrong. I hope the workers that were fired along with their fellow union members are strong enough to make sure the company gets the thumb you know where. Kroger watch out. I'm going to continue to shop, and I will everytime ask to see the manager and make a comment on the employees terminated and disiplined for ONE cash handeling mistake.

Anonymous said...

My son works for Safeway and was recently fired for making a mistake on a WIC check. I understand there is a policy but where can I get hold of that. He had been employed for over 1 yr. He was such a good employee that they had asked him to work nights doing "tagging" of the new products and also were having him help out in Produce. For his "mistake" he was fired and was told this is the UNION policy.
My son is an honest person and was even receiving awards for his good work habits. He was always called upon to fill in for absences and illnesses of other employees. He was well liked by his customers and supervisors and was told they had hoped that he would be able to stay. What can be done about this and also the Fred Meyer employees?? Is there a petition? if so I will SIGN IT!!! Estella

Anonymous said...

If only you guys knew what goes on at the distribution centers!

Anonymous said...

Why would you think The Managers of Fredmeyers have any Say on the policys They are employees as well and have no say if a employee stays for a violation of company policys Yes i am one of those Managers and i am staying anonymous of fear that i will lose my job we have lost Managers for the same thing giving checks back so no one is free from this policy this comes from Corperate and we are told to do it and not given a choice on it it is part of our job that we do not like . So the next Time you are all in a Fredmeyer take a look around do the Managers look Happy . Think before you speak if you don't know the facts don't speak about them.

Ryan said...

I'm a cashier at Fred Meyer. When I was in training, I was told that handing a check back to a customer was a terminal offense. So I'm careful when I handle checks. Is that so hard?

Anonymous said...

I'm also a Fred Meyer employee, and yes its a simple "honest mistake" however as bad as it sounds the employee's are the biggest target for our own Security. To become a cashier we have three eight hour days of training the third day is a "live day" in which we put our skills to actually starting to ring customers. We are taught to put things in certain places and to make sure that the items are where they are suppose to go. Coupons go in two different envelopes,credit slips go under the till, checks go in a specific spot in the till.

There are papers and forms we have to sign on a (usually) bi monthly basis that state we understand what will happen if we violate store policy. This includes, checks, cashing checks, WIC checks, selling alcohol and tobacco, even coupons. They tell us specifically what we are suppose to do and what to expect if we mess up.

In all honesty, we have not had a union contract since 2008 and are still negotiating to get a contract we can all agree on.

I understand those wishing to boycott, the company but please understand. The less you shop at our stores, the MORE people they will fire / lay off. People will be terminated for not even "an honest mistake" but just being hired later than their fellow employees so they are the first on the list to go. While you may be costing the company as a whole a small dent in their income, you could be costing even more people their jobs and lively hood.

Anonymous said...


You are an idiot! Selling tobacco to minors is illegal, as in against the State and Federal law. This is not a Fred Meyer policy. There for you should think before you talk.

Anonymous said...

After reading all comments... I have to agree with the negative sentiment towards management. I am a service deli manager, and I see everything that happens throughout the store on a day to day basis. Some of the things I hear from my management peers is disgusting. I became a manager to help my subordinates, do good for them, be the kind of caring and understanding boss I had always wanted. Alas, after 5 years of service I am planning my withdrawal from fred meyer. Too many times have I seen employees ruthlessly terminated, humiliated and mistreated in the worst ways by store management. The store directors mostly dont care, they only see a bottom line. The department managers get reemed by their supervisors so much they take it out on the regular associates. The poop does roll down hill.

Our corporate offices in Portland Oregon house some 2,000 worthless pencil pushing morons, they sit at their desks blasting emails to all the other managers and thats where it all begins.

My particular store has a real bad rep for firing employees, whenever my store director asks why we cant keep our people, I tell him we need better trained managers... I really mean we need a better trained him.

I dont know... Its a weird thing fred meyer, the people here are great... The customers are very nice... Just the department managers are under way too much stress for numbers and everyone above them are hateful, spiteful ignorant, ungrateful, lying hipocrits.

Thats the Fred Meyer I see, I tried to change it, if only in one small Deli department, but how could I have ever hoped to fight an uphill battle against the worst leaders ever to fill the walls of fred meyer?

Go shop at Safeway or Walmart, atleast there they dont hide the fact that they mistreat their employees in the name of the dollar.

A Broken Deli Manager

Anonymous said...

I work for Fred Meyer. Disregard what the anonymous LP posted. Any true and honest LP is not going to post on a board like this. They would get fired for doing so. It's part of their honor code not to speak in public forums like this. He/she failed to mention that as an LP they get an incentive for catching instore theft.

Anonymous said...

My husband was fired for "stealing company time" while working a graveyard shift in the dairy. He was a machanic and had all his work slips done and was waiting to "put out fires" (fix anything that breaks!)It was about 4 am and a previous injury was making his ankle swell so he elevated his foot waiting for the cell phone to let him know he was needed when the new super found him. He was fired with no union rep present and no warning. FRED MEYER"S IS JUST WRONG!

Tracey in Spokane said...

I am a business owner in Spokane and have to say that mistakes are costly. On the FM issue, I am torn. In this economy, every dollar counts. Have you tried adding up the amounts lost in this negligent cash handling? Who pays for that loss? Should it always fall on the responsibility of the owner or corporation? I am sure it is tremendous across all stores.

I also know that as products get damaged, I lose money too. Do the employees that drop a jar of ketchup get fired? They should if FM is to stick to their policies to reduce loss of revenue by employees.

My issue of always forgiving employees for every mistake is that it does not go both ways. What would you do as an employee if you were shorted on your paycheck or benefits?

It is hard running a small business when everyone wants money from you and when things go wrong, you are responsible for covering that as well.

It is unfortunate that some long-time, loyal FM employees lose their jobs, I feel for them and their situation. I also believe that due to this policy, I am sure they have removed many employees that deserve to be let go. Would it be fair for a store manager or employee to be left to make the judgment call as to whether or not they like the employee or believe that it was an honest mistake rather than malicious, if they may or may not do it again costing more money, or even worse, sell tobacco or alcohol illegally and getting the store fined even more?

My point I think is that as an employee, you need to perform 100%, do your job, do it right, show up when you are supposed to and work your position as if it were your store and your bottom line that were at stake.

Anonymous said...

In response to one of the first anonymous posters who worked for security.. you, in all your genius, misunderstood the original post. You speak of repeat offenders.. well I can tell you, that is not what we are discussing. I worked for Fred Meyers as a cashier for over seven years, and in all that time, and thousands of transactions, I never gave a customer back a check.. and when I accidentally threw one in the trash while cleaning, I was fired. You could hand a customer a $100 bill, and get written up.. but lose a $5 Check and you are fired. I sincerely hope Fred Meyer changes this rediculous policy, as Albertsons and Safeway already have. I hear there is legal action being taken in Washinton state, and I intend to look into it.

Anonymous said...

This rule of terminating a cashier for handing a check back is a store to store issue, or it was as I know of other cashiers who have done the same thing and never been terminated.
It is the cost of employee wages that are getting good employees fired, they are journeyman, it is cheaper to have one new hire than a journeyman working so their incentive is to fire the Journeyman how ever they can.
As long as the cost of new hires is so much cheaper it will continue.

Alyssa said...

I agree with Mr. Anonymous above. Some people hand back checks and are only reprimanded. In my case, I was terminated for handing back a $50 check. It's just a stupid mistake. Unfortunately, this mistake leads to automatic termination. I hear that the policy has changed since then though. I'm not sure if that is true...

Luckily, Fred Meyer doesn't fight unemployment claims, so I received those benefits almost immediately. In 6 months I was allowed to return to Fred Meyer.

Eileen said...

What alot of people dont realize. Is that Fred Meyer is owened by Kroger. Actually has been for awhile. But Kroger left us alone because they didnt know what to actually do with a store like Fred Meyer. We got clothes, hardware... Not just groceries.
But when things started to go to shit... They decided to take over.
Anyone who has ever shopped at Kroger will see the changes.
Oops that was a secret I wasnt supposed to tell.
I learned alot of things working at fred meyer. ONE they fire people that have been there too long. Why continue to pay someone 16 bucks an hour when you can hire someone new for 9? I was a manager I heard the nasty mean cold hearted shit during our meetings. The hour long meeting about just how to get around union crap.. Fred Meyer treats their employees like crap. Period! There is no union. The boss' act like Gods and hold hours over your head. If you stick up for yourself.. you loose hours. After being a manager at Fred Meyer I can say that you are trained on how to deal with people pulling a Union kick.

Anonymous said...

I received a post card in the mail regarding these firings last September. I contacted Chris Weinans of FM for an explanation. His response was as follows:

" First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns.

I am sure that you can understand that there are two sides to every story. The Company does not generally discharge our Associates for “a single mistake.” This occurs when a cashier is actually negligent in the process of collecting payment from a customer or by failing to collect payment, for an entire transaction, from a Customer all together. These are looked at on a case by case basis to ensure all facts are being reviewed before a decision is made.

Please be advised that we have a grievance procedure that the Unions are able to utilize to address any concerns that they may be having. However, regarding this negligence policy, it has been determined as reasonable numerous times by neutral Arbitrators.

When shopping at the various locations within your local area, you are supporting the Union members that work there and we hope that you will continue to do so as it ultimately hurts the Employees working within the different locations in the area. I hope this helps to clarify any questions that you may have had regarding the postcard from the Union in Spokane."

The problem is, I don't find this response satisfactory, and I was really put-off by his remark about hurting other workers. Because of this, my family and I have not shopped there since September 2009--even though FM is the closest store to my home. I hope others are inclined to do the same.

crimefredmeyer said...

What really needs to be done is to charge Fred Meyer with criminal negligence. They put checkout registers in the middle of the store, leaving three exits wide open and not monitored by anybody. How in the world a store selling alcohol allowed to operate with exits not monitored by security or receipt checkers is beyond me.
Contact your government and media, this criminal activity needs to be changed.
There are too many people exploiting it by stealing and/or returning stolen items for gift cards, that can be used to purchase gas, cigarettes, alcohol, cell phone prepaid minutes or Visa prepay gift cards. I work at Fred Meyer, my location is close to the exit and customer service desk, and I see people stealing and returning without receipt every day.
Fred Meyer loses 3-5 thousand dollars a day in theft and bad returns, no wonder they have to cut hours and replace full time workers.

Cajun John said...

I have worked for Fred Meyer ever since I moved to Oregon from New Orleans, La almost four and a half years ago. During that time I put up with coworkers as well as managers calling me a dumb coon ass as well as a hurricane Katrina refugee. I heard all of the jokes made about me as well as being accused of wrong doing. I told my superiors about it and no one done anything about it. My union rep was no help either. I was recently fired from the Hawthorne store for sexual harassment, as well as sharing dirty texts and using the N word. All of these accusations are false and cannot be proven. The management got a few part time employees to write whatever they heard me use profanity, or laugh at a dirty joke when I was off duty. I was a full time employee in their Meat and Seafood department until 4/28/2010. I have been an honest employee and this is the thanks I get for it. I am appalled at the way these so called professionals did nothing on my behalf but did all they could to be rid of me. I and my famila and friends will no longer shop at Fred Meyer, QFC or any thing owned by Kroger. They preach a good diversity message and encourarage the inclusion of all ethnic employees, but this Cajun Gentleman never saw any of that. Fred Meyer's inclusion policy is hipocratical as well as BS.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I am a cashier with Fred meyer, and have accidently handed a check back to a customer ( luckily it was returned the same day) but I would have been fired. I feel this is the most ridiculous store policy ever. I know many who have been terminated for this very reason, I got lucky. But it's good to know there's people out there fighting towards our injustice. THANK YOU

Cajun John said...

If we are going to boycott Fred Meyer then let's do it all ready.
Let's not spend our money one Fred Meyer, but ALL STORES owned by the Kroger Corperation. Kroger is the parent company of not only Fred Meyer, but a whole slew of stores throughout North America. Kroger is a mighty giant in the business world and has enough money to buy off every one. Why did your union rep seem useless when you needed them the most and why is it nearly impossible to claim your unemployment benifits? That's right some people can be bought and sold.
Your hard earned money is the lifeblood of any business. Imagine a corperation or business like you would the human body. If you stop that flow of that life sustaining blood, the body would die.
History tells us that boycotts are very effective. An African American named Rosa Parks was being harrassed by the driver of her bus. She and quite a few other African Americans decided not to use the bus until the transit company changed it's policy in the way it treated African Americans. News spread throughout North America like wildfire and with the help of a few civil rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King jr.; The boycott caused a lot of non violent protests that was seen on T.V. news shows all over the country. The transit company soon changed it's policies and thus sparked the civil rights movement.
What if Rosa Parks and her fellow abused African Americans did nothing? Would anything have changed for the better or grew worse? There are other places to shop. The choice is yours, boycott and spread the word!

Anonymous said...

RE: "if only you guys knew what goes on at the distribution centers"

OK, so tell us. What goes on?

Ms Coupon said...

To all those who are currently shopping at Fred Freaken Meyer. Those who are planning to shop there in the near future. The following are a few or some words of advice....

1) Always check the in store ads for their EXTRA SAVINGS COUPONS such as..15% for apparel Dept & 10% for Hom Dept..

2) If you are not aware these coupons. I'm sorry, But your SHIT OUT OF LUCK!! You'll be lucky if you come across a cashier who gives a dame SUCH AS MYSELF!!

3) If you don't bring the coupon to the cashier @ the register. I'm sorry, But your SHIT OUT OF LUCK!! You'll be lucky if you come across a cashier who gives a dame SUCH AS MYSELF!!

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5) If there's no manager or piss on at the time of need. I'm sorry, But your SHIT OUT OF LUCK AGAIN!! You'll be lucky if you come across a cashier who gives a dame SUCH AS MYSELF!!

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7) If you are a customer or know of someone who buys alot of apparel clothes. And you are NOT AWARE OF THESE COUPONS IN STORE. I'm sorry, But your SHIT OUT OF LUCK!! You'll be lucky if you come across a cashier who gives a dame SUCH AS MYSELF!!

Ms Coupon said...

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10) To protect and avoiding employees/cashiers from getting terminated. Bring those coupon ads to the register. IF NOT, again have those piss on/ pic or manager to approve it. Even tho we all know it's just a waste of time. But unfortunately "WE AS CASHIERS DO GET TERMINATE FOR THAT SHIT!!

11) HOLIDAYS COMING SOON!! To those who are not aware of these additional savings coupon in store. Again, I apologize..bUT YOU ARE SHIT OUT OF LUCK!! You might think your getting a good deal. BUT HELL NO!! Cashiers are not allow to inform customers of the extra/ additional savings coupon in store. You'll be lucky if you come across a cashier who gives a dame "SUCH AS MYSELF!!

12) If you are a customer who seems to be in a rush or in a hurry. I'm sorry, but you'll be stuck in line.. Because of all this bull-shit going on infront the line..such as, LOOKING FOR COUPON/ WAITING FOR MANAGERS APPROVAL..Even tho we all know you don't need approval for that shit!!

NOTE: In 90 days..3/12/10 until 7/26/10 ($14,461.04) the amount of coupon savings FRED FREAKEN MEYER claimed to have lost because of my actions. Therefore I am now terminated. This amount($14,461.04) is the amount of coupon savings customers deserve to save. This amount ($14,461.04) would have been in companys pocket if it wasn't for my action. All this talk about providing good, excellent customer service, going out of your way for fred meyer customers. Well is a bunch of crap. Employees are allow to do all that [CUSTOMER SERVICE]. Employees are expected to do all that [CUSTOMER SERVICE]. BUT JUST DON'T LET IT EFFECT THE MONEY GOING IN COMPANYS POCKET.

NOTE: A memo was sent out to all store directors & managers.." CASHIERS ARE NOT TO INFORM CUSTOMERS OF THE EXTRA SAVINGS COUPON IN STORE".. Now I understand the reason why. BECAUSE if you are not aware of these extra savings coupon in store. YOU ARE SHIT OUT OF LUCK!! Company will pocket that money. Im not saying for you to cut FRED FREAKEN MEYER out of your list. It still is a good place to shop. BUT BE AWARE AND NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS COMPANY. Six years of employment. I have always done the same thing providing customers with the extra savings coupon in store. Imagine how much money customers have saved because of my actions. Now imagine how much money the company has lost because of my actions. I don't regret what I have done. I consider that customer service. If theres a coupon in store or in effect. WHY DO CASHIERS HAVE TO GET MANAGERS APPROVAL IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE EXTRA SAVINGS??!! WHY TERMINATE EMPLOYEES FOR DOING THE RIGHT & MORAL THING?!! This to me is hypocritical and a double standard. Like I said, I DON'T REGRET WHAT I'VE DONE. I regret wasting 6 years of my time and life working for that dame company. HOPE YOU PASS THIS ON AND SUPPORT THE CAUSE!!

Anonymous said...

In response to Ms. Coupon:

Anonymous said...

What you people fail to realize, is this is not a Fred Meyer / Kroger policy. This was written in to the Union Contract. In order to remove this policy, the Union also wants Fred Meyer / Kroger to remove the verbiage that would hold any employee responsible for handing back any negotiable instrument. In Layman’s terms, any employee could hand back any form of payment and there would be no legal recourse. For the honest employees that make a mistake, I understand the frustration. But, the dishonest ones that ring up a pack of gum, take in $1.00 and hand back $800.00 to a friend (I have seen it); there would be no legal option to fire the employee. So, if you want this policy to change, than the Union needs to agree to the change. This was their way of trying to place leverage on the company, but it is done at the cost of the employee.

Sandy said...

This does not just happen at Fred Meyer. I live in a town with a Fred Meyer and a Safeway. My son started at Fred Meyer, went to Safeway, worked diligently for 5 years. No complaints. No time off, not even sick days. Very few vacations. Up at 4 every day. Fastest checker in the district. Made a mistake, bam he's fired. This is ridiculous. I support unions so I don't want to shop at the non-union grocery store. But the union better step up and support these cashiers better or there will be no reason to support the union soon. And NO, the union does not demand these rules IF the company isn't CHEATING EMPLOYEES IN THE FIRST PLACE. Safeway doesn't allow workers to tell customers about coupons either. Why does anybody stick up for these corporations over the workers. It's Crazy.

Anonymous said...

I work at Fred Meyer as well and I have read this whole string of comments. All I have to say is that I know fellow employees that have been fired for the wrong reasons and I feel for them. Fred Meyer does try to hide behind a happy face and they are not honest about the "reasons" behind their decisions. The LPM who posted as anonymous is a brain-washed idiot who believes all people are as ill-willed as he/she is. I don't accept your apology for your improper grammar (not to mention your spelling) as it just goes to show that Fred Meyer hires the most thick-skulled lemmings possible for their "management team." If you are actually an LPM, I just want to say shame on you for single-handedly firing innocent associates. I hope you get fired for your next typo.

Ms Coupon said...

I was a good employee/a dame good cashier. It feels really good when people chose to come to your check-stand. Because they think im always friendly, kind, fast & efficient. Comments like that, makes me want to always provide fred meyer shoppers with excellent service. To my knowledge as a cashier, alot of customers are not aware of the extra savings coupon in store. Therefore, as a courtesy to all fred meyer shoppers. Give or inform these customers of the extra savings coupon in store. I did not know this will cause the company to lose money. Anyways, if employees do the wrong thing, you'll get fired. If employee do the right thing, you still get fired. Anyways, I just hope and pray the truth comes out when they start investigating this b.s. But as for now, I wanna thank my loving husband. For always being there to support me in time of need. For always assuring me that i haven't done anything wrong. My friends and family for their love and support as well. Anyways, take care and God Bless!!!!

Ms Coupon said...

Btw..I live in anchorage alaska. I worked and got fired from the northern lights Fred Meyer store. To my knowledge, there's no union in alaska. I think, maybe if there was a union. That damn store director and it's management staff who i call (HIS PISS ON) including his good pal LPM. They would have never done what they did to me. For 6yrs of employment i have always done the same thing. Giving or informing customers who may or may not be aware of the extra savings coupon in store. I consider that customer service. I was even awarded numerous times with certificates that says "THANKYOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION IN MAKING FRED MEYER CUSTOMERS FEEL WELCOME, APPRECIATED, AND IMPORTANT. Saying Fred Meyer rewards associates for going above and beyond the service plus action. ENGAGING, RESPONDING, GOING OUT OF YOUR WAY FOR CUSTOMERS and TAKING ACTION. That these behaviors are highly valued at Fred Meyer. Well i feel now its a bunch of crap. Because in July 2010, these cock suckers are telling me something different. I have violated company coupon policy. Ranked #1 on the list of all cashiers giving discounts. Therefore I have caused the company to lose money ($14,461.04) in customers savings. In the beginning i thought FM is a good company, a good place to work to start a career. I thought this company value its employees and customers. But now the whole truth is out. I realize rightnow that some business or companies really don't give a damn about the people. Again like i said, When you do the wrong thing, you'll get fired. When you do the right thing, you'll still get fired. Anyways, you all take care and God Bless!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I just got a call to interview for a part-time deli position at the Snohomish F.M. Now, after reading all the hub-bub, I'm freaking out!!!! What should I do? I already work for Tom Thumb's deli in Lake Stevens. I thought working at F.M. would be awesome. I'm absolutely torn. HELP!

Anonymous said...

Chris Weinans is such a fag. Always was, always will be. I wouldn't put too much faith in anything that corporate tool says.

Anonymous said...

I was struck by a overloaded shelf in 2007 at Fred Meyer and am still suffering. They slammed the door shut on my case and I am still trying to receive the medical help I need. On my own, out of work.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a previous anonymous poster. As a Fred Meyer employee the job expectations are made completely clear. We have 13 periods to a year (4 weeks to a period) and every period we read and sign off on various policies that we reiterate over and over we understand. We have ample training, and we are repeatedly going over the policies. So somebody like Rochelle Gregoire, and employee of 21 years has signed off on these policies approximately 270 times. What she also failed to mention is that the "simple mistake" of others at the James Center store listed with her on the flier was giving back ADDITIONAL money when printing out money orders, one of which doing so for her son's girlfriend (and giving an extra hundred dollars to her at that). Some of these "honest mistakes" aren't so honest. Those flyers left that information out... as did the billboard that was on i-5 in the area at the time.

I'm not saying that the check policy isn't in need of revision, especially since so many stores now electronically run your check and hand you back a voided check, which in turn makes customers seem like getting it back is not 'out of the ordinary'... but the policy is made clear to employees, as is the expectations of the jobs we do within Fred Meyer. I'm sorry that these employees are so upset that they are being held to the standards they signed off on and agreed to repeatedly, and that the consequences of their actions are prompting them to cry that life is unfair, but these same employees were not on the soap box petitioning for change in the policy until they made the errors. Having worked at James Center, and been there at the time of the terminations of the employees I can attest that none of the three at that time were ever saying that any of the policies were unfair beforehand.

It's sad that they're trashing this company, when they made the mistake. Actions in life have consequences, this is a simple truth we all learn.

Oh and as a side note... if a customer DOES bring back a check, the employee DOES get their job back... perhaps instead of grilling Fred Meyer for a policy it makes its employees well aware of, we should grill CUSTOMERS who steal from Fred Meyer (by not paying for their groceries by keeping the check), cost people their jobs, and don't do the right thing by bringing it back.... just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I just read this for the first time, and from what I gather this 19 year employee hung onto not one but two bad checks from customers she most likely knew and took it upon herself to collect. Is that right?

This is not her business, her job is to cashier. Fred Meyer has an entire department that takes on this task.

Absolutely this is not her job, and would certainly be against any retailers company policy. Why would she take this concern on herself. The company could be sued or she could be sued for her nosiness, again its none of her business to put customers on the spot about their finances.

Its her job to find out if you found what were looking for, charge you correctly, bag your groceries, etc.; properly (dont put the soap with the meat)and to tell you to have a nice day!

At 19 years she should know better and you should have some common sence...please! There are RULES in this world!!!

Laurie said...

I'm also a former Fred Meyer employee of 17 yrs. I walked out in feb. They treat their emplyees like shit! All managers r a bunch of power trippers that care nothing about the customers either. They headhunt the employees on the old contract because we make too much. ( 18.35 -grocery ) ooh, I worked at bethel station in spanaway, store dir. Phillip Perrera tried to fire a checker for accidentally giving a customer a extra discount. The item had a little discount sticker on it that she didn't see & there was a discount in the ad so she gave her the ad discount. He actually called Corp to see if he could fire her, they said no. He's constantly trying to fire people there. It was real bad when Claudia Suldan , fod. Mngr. was there, she's about as conniving as they come. I've never in my 17 yrs. With F.M. worked with worse managers. As to firing for handing back checks? South Hill F.M. fired 2 people for that, & one customer gave the check back later that day. First offense for both. They hired one of them back after 6 mo.

Anonymous said...

I have been a Fred Meyer employee for 3 1/2 yrs. I started in the deli and 6 months ago was promoted to cashier and part time pic(person-in-charge). I was given a position I didn't actually apply for but excepted. I assumed I would get proper training and preparation. I was thrown into a position without the full training and have been learning hands on. I was admired for my hard work & excellent customer service skills. I made a mistake. My mistake was I gave a customer's check after it was used as payment, this was negligent action on my part which cost me a 3 days no pay suspension. I am not stupid, I have read and signed the period read and signs for policies. I take full responsibility for my actions and am a very honest person. I will lose my job if this happens again. I have never been in trouble in a job before and am very upset with my irresponsiblility. I was given a lot to learn in an unusually short amount of time. A normal pic is trained as a cashier in training for a few months, I had to learn immediately. I was told by my boss that a few years ago the policy was immediate termination, she said they had lost a lot of good employees due to this policy. She reminded me to use this as a learning experience and find a solid routine so this doesn't happen again. Your past efforts have allowed me one human error forgiveness and a means to still support my family without competing in this recent crowded job market. THANK YOU. I still enjoy working for Freddys. PLEASE CONTINUE TO SHOP FRED MEYER IT PROVIDES INCOME TO FAMILIES SUCH AS MINE.

Anonymous said...

I am the anonymous above post. I just thought I would add that as far as the coupons not being given if the customer doesn't have the ad: If you as a customer ask the cashier about qualifying coupons in the Fred Meyer weekly ad, they have to if aware of them acknowledge and give all eligible coupon savings to that customer. However, if you do not ask about a coupon in the ad then the cashier cannot mention the additional savings. Cashiers can and have been fired for this little policy. I do not agree with it and it is hard for me to pretend I do not know there is a coupon for that, but I have to, so it you want the coupon savings ask if there are weekly ad coupons that qualify. Many of my customers have caught on when I ask if they have a rewards card or any coupons, they will say, “I don’t have any coupons… Do you?” This is all the cashier needs to let the customer get the extra savings. If they do not have the ad at the check stand, ask them to have someone to get one. My store has an ad at every check stand. We run out by midweek and want to allow as many customers as are aware to get their additional savings. I am proud of my store. We truly do try to give the best customer service possible. We as Fred Meyer employees are reminded every week on payday that “A Satisfied Customer Made This Check Possible”; it is printed on our check stub. Some policies are in place for a reason. I know it is my fault I was suspended and I will spend my time off beating myself up over it. However, I would have been fired if it were not for the policy changes that were made because of loyal customers such as all of you on this blog.

kaeco said...

i was hired at FM in september of this year, i was fired on halloween (two days ago). i was fired due to selling alcohol to someone OVER 21 but UNDER 27 (he looked 30) with no ID, and he turned out to be an integrity tester (tho not a state worker). no prior warnings, no written up, no coaching conversation, just went to work, ten minutes after clocking in, BAM fired. they tried coming up with other excuses to let me go (reasons for instant termination, as i couldnt find anything on the integrity tester in my paper work). they tried saying i left my check stand unattended regularly, that i didnt get along with any of the PICs or co workers, and that there were regular complaints from customers. i only left my stand when i called and asked for permission to use the bathroom, my PICs and i were very friendly, i adore my co workers, who i regarded almost as extended family, and i only had 1 problem with a customer over a cupon id never seen before. the rest of my customers told me DAILY that i was a good honest hard worker who'd do very well in the industry. management wanted whatever reason possible to fire me, due to the fact that one of them is on the chopping block as it is, and ill be damned if i dont put up a fight. the management is a bunch of spineless back stabbing two faced liars who really dont care about you, they act chummy and then make you feel worthless (my main manager was very nice to me, asking how i was etc before i clocked in and he fired me) and there is no such thing as a conversation in confidence with someone in charge of you. this was a great first job experience in that i will never be trusting of people in charge of me or my well being again, and god help me in getting a new job, i need a way to pay for college, gas, insurance and save money to get my own place.... the militairy is starting to look like a great option which is horrifying for my dad... he doesnt want to see his 5'8 100 pound baby girl join up with a bunch of men due to the fact that Kroger is a selfish vindictive corporation that sees dollar signs rather than money.

and as for alerting customers to instore savings... i had no idea you could get fired for that, but looking back, im so glad i took the time for every customer to scan all the coupons that had even a slight chance to match, that i found ways to give them their discounts when thte coupon didnt work (i could hold something that was a perfect match to a current coupon and it wouldnt go thru - yes they try to save on that as well) and to all the wonderful customers that were genuinly pleasant, i hope you find a new cashier that will give you extra bag discounts just for the hell of it. FM can stick it in a jar of barbed wire and salt for all i care, im not shopping with them ever again.

Current Fred Meyers Cashier said...

You should all know that for the "losses" of these companies, they consider any hand-keyed information or voided items a loss in money because it is a potential for a mistake. So, if you accidentally ring something up twice and take one of them off of the order, it's considered a loss to the company the same as a broken wine bottle.

nancy walker said...

Its a sad story ...but very true..from a 21 year Fred Meyer employeee.

Anonymous said...

The last post is not true. A broken wine bottle is scanned out using a spa gun and it under the category shrink. A voided item is not counted as a loss at the register. After scheduled inventory days for management the inventory on hand vs. the previous sales is used to account for company loss due to theft in store which would account for unscanned items that leave the store. I don't know where you found your information, but you are oh, so wrong.

Anonymous said...

"I didn't go put my life on the line in Iraq only to come home and see my fellow citizens' security jeopardized not by fanatical terrorists but by greedy corporate policies."

You had me up until this. With all due respect, whipping out "I didn't go put my life on the line in Iraq only to X Y Z" every time you disagree with something cheapens the sacrifices so many have made. And your own sacrifices too.

The word 'sacrifice' comes from Old French via the Latin 'sacer facere' - 'to make holy' - the idea being that sacrifices are qualitatively different from more mundane actions. Using your sacrifice as a trump card does not give more weight and authority to every petty complaint you have; it does the exact opposite of 'to make holy', and reduces your sacrifice to the same level as your complaints.

I actually agree with much of what you wrote, and I mean no disrespect. I am not very tolerant of disrespect, perhaps even more when it comes from someone who understands the sacrifices that have been made. When civilians are disrespectful, that can be chalked up to ignorance. But you should know better, and if you can't keep your own sacrifice out of the common ruck then you should at least be respectful of the others who have made similar (or greater) sacrifices, many of whom are no longer around and thus are not able to bitch about every petty thing on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I hate Fred Meyer.. I didn't read any of the comments posted here and honestly I won't.. I wasted and yes I say wasted 9 years of my life.. working my ass off and dedicating everything to this company.. only to be fired because someone as a loss prevention manager wanted to add a statistic to their belt.. but this company Fucks you over as an employee. They hire terrible... and I mean terrible managers, some of which even talk shit about employees to other employess behind peoples backs.. and treat employees likes slaves or like they have no lives and that their lives should revolve around the company.. I was told I couldn't go to school which breaks company policy, I was forced to work 13 hour days and then come back and work again 4 hours later and I wasn't offered overtime or extra pay.. or even a raise or promotion for the time and effort I put it.. this company will gladly fire dedicated and happy employees to make a buck and hire cheaper labor.. they go out of their way to cut hours back and save money even though in a recession they still made money.. and barely have a bare minimum of people available to help and offer customer service, while still boasting on commercials and ads that you can get quick and friendly customer service.... It is litterally impossible and Fred meyers or Kroger as a company makes it more and more impossible to follow those goals as they lead the company down a terrible path of poor employee treatment, poor company decisions, and poor poor managerial hirings.. I honestly hope they go out of business or someone company that actually gives a Fuck buys them out. Don't EVER work their.. you will regret it.

Anonymous said...

I have been a fredmeyer employee for over a year now and have yet to make any mistakes in my job. I have seen many cashiers quit, and just as many fired. One was fired for handing a check back right before I was hired, and everyone remarked how sad it was considering she has worked there 20 years. She was not hired back.

I have always been a hard worker, quiet on gossip and as friendly and helpful as possible. Waitressing for years before has taught me a lot about customer satisfaction, working log hours etc. But I have never seen a group of people so cut throat and cruel hen dealing with one another.

When greeting my manager with a smile she mocked me openly and laughed to a coworker of mine about an allergic reaction, a small cut on my eyelid that comes from dry weather. Asking if I felt special because of it? It was a damper on my day, to say the least. A manager asked me during the hiring process if I was willing to quit school and not go on to further schooling if I had a cashiering job as it was more secure for a career than my chosen path in college.

I don't feel the need to share any other stories, I think other workers have said a great deal.

It's hostile for a work environment, even f you keep your nose to your work and try hard. That's life, but upper management belittling and mocking employees as well as the quick terminations are crushing. Like many others I want to make a good honest living, not steal or cheat. Years of great service deserve much more. And some PIC's and managers do try, I think the harsh ones make it harder on everyone.

Firing immediately for check returns (yes even when the check is returned immediately after) and "robin hooding" (giving coupons the customer did not hand to you) are harsh ways of cutting costs in journeyman cashiers who work long and hard.

Anonymous said...

As a Fred Meyer associate I can honestly say that if you don't understand the entire reasoning behind the cashier being fired, you should not make comments about it. She may have been a very pleasant person and a great cashier, but I have also seen plenty of other quality cashiers being fired for the same reason. Unlike places like WalMart where a check is an immediate form of payment, Fred Meyer has to give that check to the bank to receive payment- this is the reasoning why WalMart can hand you your check back, where as Fred Meyer cannot. A cashier is not always terminated for this offense, most cashiers are written up for the offense first and possibly suspended for a few days with out pay. However, the company does look into and extensively research each case so if the company deems it a fireable offense it is a fireable offense. Every time a check is handed back the company loses money, which causes the company to cut hours, cut wages, and cut employees. Every cashier is warned during orientation and cashier training that they can be fired for such an offense as it is considered cash handling neglence. Fred Meyer is a great place to work, in all honesty I really love my job and the people I work with. It sucks to see people that I enjoy working with get fired for what people outside the company may deem "unreasonable" or extreme reason, however all employees know the policies and procedures they must adhere too.

Anonymous said...

I work for fred meyers and I can tell you its degrading. The managers do talk crap behind your back to other employees. They make you try to feel like fred meyers is your life when its really not. Lots of employyes like to gossip and talk trash to make themselves feel better. Most of the schedule writers have changed my shifts without telling me (and not in the past 48hrs) only to call me and ask where I am when I dont show. Then they try suspending me and making me feel bad for their dumbass mistake. All in all, kroger needs to respect more and give the real hard workers a raise or better position.

Anonymous said...

I also work for fred meyer. Ive never worked somewhere so unprofessional. Managment sleeping with employees, making all kinds of mistakes. Do they get fired? Nooope. They have no clue what theyre doing, and eventually this company will go under. Corporations need to realize that when you have unhappy employees, youre going to make less profit.

Anonymous said...

Awww,,,Fred brings back memories. I used to work there. When I started in 2002,I made a decent retail wage of $9.50 with a $1.50 auto-raise after 6 months. This was in the home dept. and the grocery clerks made even more!! During training we were even shown a propaganda video about wages and that Fred Meyer provided a decent wage while Walmart did not!!

Then Kroger came in and took over...
They fired the store manager for some flimsy reason. He had been there over 25 years running a profitable store.
Also, due to failed contract negotiations, all new employees where hired at min. wage. And when they got a raise every 6 months, it was only a quarter. (and that was only if they got a good appraisal).
I think the low wage attracted a "lower caliber" type of employee. So while I worked there, we had many employees who stole money or cigarettes and were fired. Some were even arrested at work. (One lady who was arrested had been throwing merchandise down the dumpster rather than spending time putting it away at night!)
One employee took their nightly cash register drop home with them rather than putting it down the money shoot after their shift.
One lady "went crazy" over gossip some mean employees were inflicting upon her and she was removed from the store by the police and fired as a result.

There were hard working, honest, awesome employees who were also fired for "mistakes". One manager was fired because he forgot to ask a customer to give back a gift card that went along with a returned purchase. To make up for the $10.00, he put his own money in the till and was fired for that!! Can you imagine being fired for puttin money in the till???
A pair of employees were fired because one let the other use their discount card....both had the same type of employee discount gave 10% off certain there was no stealing or anything underhanded involved...and the punishment for this offense was to be instantly fired??? Give me a break!!!

I believe these stories in this blog... and I agree that FM is not the greatest place to work.

Anonymous said...

I work at the one in Albany Oregon just watched a fellow employee get his hours cut in half cause he is a member on the Oregon national guard and the manager is tired of the weekends of training and the fact he has to take all of June off for his annual training. When told he couldn't do that his response was that's why we hire the soldiers for part time 20 that way it's easier to cut there hours with no recourse

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Ms Coupon has been purchasing too many nuts. Damn whacko.
But, God that was funny to read!

Anonymous said...

This article seems to be way up on Google rankings, so I feel the need to help everyone understand what is going on legally when these cashiers are fired or handing back ten-dollar checks. I was in the UFCW for 5 years, and was a CCK manager in Fred Meyer as well. I've been on both sides of the issue.

The union has a contract with FM. Part of that contract is a consistency clause, essentially saying that FM will not pick and choose which employees to punish for errors, or punish them differently for the same issue. Bottom line, we had to fire people who hand checks back. Otherwise, a cashier could hand back a $1200 check and FM wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

I worked with a man who showed up to work 6 hours late once. He was fired. The union went back, found an employee who hadn't been disciplined for being one minute late, and got the guy his job back. That's how a consistency clause works.

And trust me, managers hate it too. Idiot employees break all the rules and make all of the mistakes that won't get them fired. But without fail, good cashiers who work hard are the ones who get shafted. Because legally the company isn't allowed to give breaks under the union contract.

And it will never change, because the vocal members of the union are the journeymen, and they will never vote to change a rule that protects their employment.

Anonymous said...

Fred Meyer no longer has this policy, they only suspend the associate for the first few mistakes. After that your done!! On another note Fred Meyer does not support any of their employees including the managers! Kroger comes up with this stupid policies and expects Managers to enforce them. I was a manager at Fred Meyer and guess what....they said I didnt follow policy yet it was based on HEAR SAY!! say BYE to 10 years of work. I hope Fred Meyer goes out of business! LP is a joke

John said...

If you are fired from Fred Meyer, do you still get a pension ? I ask this since contributions are made by the company and not the employee. I was there 6 years after that I was fired, but I was vested.

Anonymous said...

I worked for Fred Meyer. It used to be a really great company to work for. Things went downhill when they were bought out by Kroger, and continue to go down to this day. The quality of products and customer service are suffering. It's all about the bottom dollar now, corporate greed more than an honest living, where employees are taken advantage of and rung out for all their worth.
As a result, employees are cutting corners and corporate is turning a blind eye. Employees have to get a second job just to support themselves as FM no longer hires 40hour positions (for the most part). Looks like the Walmart mentality is spreading.

Anonymous said...

Fred Meyers is a horrible place to work for. The job in itself is easy. But managers talk cap about you behind your back and to other employees... I worked in apparel. It was like I was back in high school with all the gossip and drama. They never spend time on the daily schedules (breaks and lunches) or the weekly schedules. It's just a horrible place to work.
For example Every one in apparel does the eas cards to get incentives and I guess have been doing it wrong all this time by doing per item not per person and only a couple got fired for it. First they got suspended for investigation then fired. But not everyone got investigated only 2 when everyone should have. The pic signs off on it to turn it in but do you think they get held laible? Of course not. Anything to save their own butts.

Anonymous said...

Fred Meyer corporate management and HR are utterly capricious when it comes to employee discipline. They conduct Kabuki "investigations," ambush employees and then force them to sign various documents, and do not afford the accused any sort of due process, nor do they engage in adequate due diligence in matters of fact.

Facts are often meaningless in these proceedings, and lies are often given more credence than the truth, but there is no recourse to uncover the truth. Disgruntled and/or emotionally unbalanced employees can create havoc with baseless allegations against people they dislike, especially if they have a connection at the corporate office in Portland and know the correct buzz words to utter.

It's kind of how you imagine the KGB would have run a retail chain. Keep people in fear and hit them when they least expect it. I've seen it too many times for it to be a coincidence.

It's more like a sport for malevolent HR directors, pathetic loss prevention losers and various middle management suck ups. The irony is that FM has created this toxic environment itself by taking false allegations at face value, with no checks in place to reduce or prevent abuse of the discipline process.

Now, I don't expect a company to conduct full blown court proceedings, but when they repeatedly damage the lives and reputations of good, hard-working and honest employees based on the lies of lazy, disgruntled employees, they have a big old problem.

Anonymous said...

No, Fred Meyer in my neighborhood refused to hire personnel in the evening to stop theft. Their were 3 different groups that were openly steeling in the evening. My daughter was a cashier, new, but was appauled that no one in management would refuse to refund them large purchases with out receipts, or make them leave their suitcases at the customer services desk...even though they had them on camera, why not??? She was told it was none of her business. Really? Well, in that case it was truly a wonderment as to what was going on. After several employees, customers, etc. complained...they now have an evening security person. Wow? How many $100+ nights of thefts from one couple it took & that is no exaggeration!!!

Mo Ni said...

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Anonymous said...

Is it FM's policy to terminate an employee if they tell the customer there is a coupon in their ad for a particular item they are purchasing?
No other market I have frequented asks if I have a coupon for a certain item. A copy of their ad is right there in the store.

Also, when I ask about merchandise, employees are often not aware of where the product is located, so you follow them all over the store. Or, sometimes, they wave and say over there (like I know where over there is. Also, if you ask about an item in the FM ad and say you have not been able to locate it and this is the first day of the ad, you are often told "oh, we don't have that anymore". We have a rewards card with FM and that should be enough to get an ad price, instead of having to produce a coupon. I am very dissatisfied. with FM. I think I will take my grocery purchases to Albertsons. Arlene Murrell

Anonymous said...

The UFCW is a joke.

Anonymous said...

That is so true. It reminds me of what happen to many innocent employees including a hurricane katrina survivor a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Is that the one who got fired from the store in Portland? I used to work with that man. They really screwed him up good. I heard he shot himself a few months ago. :(

giftcardsrus said...

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Anonymous said...

Currently work at Kroger's, had a manager tell me, my job was more important than my school work. "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" if I have school work that has to be done than it shall be done.