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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Gig In Paradise...Trip To The Other Side

Friday the 14th. was a special gig for us and a new exploration, for me, of the Key. Our band was playing for a private party on the peninsula's west side, overlooking Case Inlet.

It was the most perfect of days to perform outside, with patches of sun and cloud carried on a sweet breeze. We were under a canopy, just in case, and we could have tied down the west side of it...but who would want to with a view like this?

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this wee tugboat, Reliance, as the fellas were setting up their equipment. Then it was time to get our groove on, starting with a mellow background feel as folks arrived from all over the world it seemed. Our host had a plan...and may I say, we have never been so well-treated as entertainers! For the first set we would keep it low-key so everyone could enjoy conversation, then our host would make a little speech.

After words of welcome, Frank proceeded to make the band blush with his praise. His plan was for everyone to eat (musicians first, even...just unheard of!) and then to arrange the chairs so that the second set would be a concert, all eyes on the band. We had permission for take-off!

What can you say when the sky lights your show for free? What can you say when an eagle hangs above you as if fishing for the notes? It had been months since Jazz Musette performed...and I had been jonesin' babies...jonesin'! To hell with the back and the joints of the old woman who ate me...all my hips heard was the rhythm section! Anna was able to join me for the last part, her harmonies always kicking it up a notch.

The evening was wrapped in bliss, wrapped in our motto of "Music, Love, and Laughter" with a wonderful audience rising with us to that place of magic between. We tore it up with some fun originals, sweetened with some old standards, peppered in a little reggae...wherever we were going, everyone was there.

For an encore, we did an Abdul Ibrahim piece that I wrote words for called, "Water From An Ancient Well," as the sun began to set. My eyes began to shine, thinking just how lucky I am in my line of work. I get gigs in Paradise!

Water From An Ancient Well (lyrics copyright 2004 Lorraine Hart-music and title by Abdul Ibrahim)

In the time of mountains
We humans barely show
There's a path
Where we come and we go

Every Age we go searching
For where our spirits dwell
Our need to drink
From the Ancient Well

For what is time
But this moment always
Forever touched with grace
If we only hold it so

In the time of mountains
We humans barely show
There's a path
Where we come and we go

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Thanks for touching me with grace... create on, my sister, create on