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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I (Heart) 6th Ave.!

6th Ave., Tacoma icon, purveyor of cool, pretty gritty city jewel, I am madly in love with you. I mean, I’ve SUPER liked you for awhile, but now I am IN love with you.

My fave restaurants in the whole city live there. I like the shops, the vibe, the energy, the mixture of our Gritizens.

This Sunday’s “Art on Ave.” festival was groovy. I liked the booths, the weirdness, and the energy of this festival. It was hot times in the city and I swear, every district, every ‘burb, every bit of South Sound goodness walked your streets. I strolled back today to take in the 6th Ave. Farmer’s Market. Bravo! You can literally buy your entire meal and your meal experience (veggies, fruits, cheeses, hummus, meats, seafood, flowers, and desserts). I liked the turnout and the buzz. My only concern, Dear Avenue is that the fact that folks were crossing against the light on 6th and Pine to get to the market (ala Las Vegas style at times, where the peds think they rule) and car drivers were running the red light at that same intersection. Fix this, my love. You don’t want anyone hurt. Safe and fun, right, Baby?

So safely across Pine Street, my daughter and I picked up fresh raspberries, zucs, and shaved ice treats and wandered through your home like welcomed guests. We popped over to the Primo Grill for a little mother-daughter early dinner time. Primo is your heart, 6th Ave. This is the restaurant that kicked it all off, in my gritty opinion. This long time 6th Ave. staple, with their rockin’ kids menu, their “dinner before dusk” extravaganza, and cool artwork, proved to be affordable, fun, and totally delicious. AGAIN.

So, sweetheart, how about date next week, hmm? Let’s meet at the Farmer’s Market and hoof it up to Posh Home for me to oogle the framed South American butterflies, sweet lamps, and slick jewelry.

I promise to wear something great and bring a smile.


Stephanie Frieze said...

I love 6th Ave., too, Kim. Gateway to India and Gypsy Lily's are two of my favorites. Sometimes I drive 6th to the bridge just to look at all the shops and people. :-)

JosephMcG said...

Thanks for catching my interest and getting me salivating

Kim Thompson said...

Hey, you two.

The people watching is as good as it comes on 6th Ave.

Seems like there new stuff popping up all the time there, too!

Lorraine Hart said...

Don't forget Sluggo's Music Store!

I do love all those funky shops...but, oh Kim...beautiful butterflies dead and pinned behind glass would make me cry.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Yes, since the advent of photography I see no reason to capture beautiful butterflies and pin them to velvet. But then I'm not a big fan of zoos either.

Kim Thompson said...

Okay, guys, the butterflies, well....I find them fascinating to study and ponder, whatever state they are in.

I get your points though.

No Sluggo Music is cool, and I like Jazz Bones (the atmosphere)--Lorraine, what was your perspective of the place as a performer?

I've been in Aloha Oasis. It's fine. I dunno, it's tough for me because when I go home I see the same stuff, y'know? Nice people though.

Lorraine Hart said...

My father tells this beautiful story about a tribe he met in the Malaysian jungle. They took him to this streambed that was mostly dry. It was covered by these incredible blue butterflies, finding some nutrients in the soil. One came and landed on my father's wrist to taste his sweat. He was told by his guide that this tribe believes these butterflies to be the souls of their ancestors.

Now...on to Jazzbones....
It's a nice stage, though the spotlights would be much better if they were mounted further back than ten feet in front of the performer's face. My forehead actually burnt and peeled.
Their wait-staff were incredible and made sure we had what we needed. Thumbs-up for them...and all hard-working wait-staff!
I'm afraid it's a thumbs-down on the sound-staff. I've never had a one-word soundcheck before...and they cut our performance way short because they apparently needed over an hour to set up for the next band. I can definitely see why folks who live around Jazzbones have issues with them, about noise. To the sound-staff I would say (as a nearly forty year professional) cut the levels...and the attitude.

Sorry fellas...but someone has to give it to you straight.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Lorraine, your observations might warrent a post of their own.

The story of the butter flies is lovely. If memory serves me Pt. Defiance has a butterfly exhibit that does not include impaling them.

Lorraine Hart said...

Just checking back in...Kim darlin'....feel I owe you an apology for leading the conversation astray and focusing-in on a tiny part of a big and beautiful picture. There's lots of things I want to bring awareness to...I will mention them as we go along...but I'm sorry, did not mean (or would I ever mean) to stamp my feet in the lovely dance between us. I think I have been a hot, grumpy lady lately. Lox