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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beyond The Borders

If you feel a slight shift under your feet this coming Saturday (Aug. 2nd.) don't's just the crossroads of the world pulling down the Key Peninsula to Longbranch. We have that kind of magic in this neighbourhood!

Yes my friends, it's the second annual "Beyond The Borders" Music and Arts Festival, founded by our own Mark Runions, sponsored and supported by the Angel Guild, Two Waters Arts Alliance, the Geneva Foundation, the Longbranch Improvement Club and a host of great volunteers.

The musical line-up goes like this:

12:30pm Mooncoyne: Traditional Irish music.
2:00pm Leof Totusek & Lora Chiorah: Zimbabwe song and dance.
3:30pm Ancient Sounds: World Music on ethnic instruments.
5:00pm Abrace: Multilingual vocals with percussion.

Ali'i & Sumo's Hawaiian Grill: Grilled chicken and pork.
On The Way Deli: Salads and wraps.
Longbranch Improvement Club: Specialty ethnic desserts.
Beer and Wine Garden.

There will be arts, crafts and free trade world goods for sale, not to mention a juried art show with a People's Choice Award. This is a free, family-friendly event...the world "Beyond The Borders" comes to Longbranch. Namaste neighbours...see you there!


Lorraine Hart said...

The beautiful photo was taken last year, by Mark Runions.

Kim Thompson said...

I shall see you there and I am eager to get my hands on some aloha grub!

Stephanie Frieze said...

I wish I was going to be able to be there, Lorraine, but will be in spirit. It's a lovely drive out there and I encourage folks that want a little mini get-away to head out there and see such a treasure trove of talent as there is on Key Peninsula. The South Sound has so many diversions to offer that one needn't feel like they have to go far afield or spend a lot of gas to find amusement!