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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday... A Day Of Gifts

Sunday morning, forty five minutes before I headed for St. Joseph's Hospital. I expected to have some wonderful moments with patients. I expected to see some patients'rooms decorated with all kind of get well quick love... balloons, pictures, loved ones watching, talking with the patients, holding patients' hands...some teary eyed, others listening, perhaps smiling, or just sitting with their loved ones watching March madness.

I had a good seven hours of sleep. I was alert, attentive to detail, and, before I went up to see patients, putting together a plan where I would see the folks who first needed to be visited by a priest. I would be presiding at Mass at 11:30am and I hoped to be headed home by 12:15pm. So I needed to focus on who needed to see me.

Glasses off, list of people to be seen in front of me, music to help me focus and, relaxing, enjoy letting go of the energy needed to put togeter a way of getting around the hospital which would work for me.

I laughed and cried and teased and listened to patients, staff, and family members and, at 1:30 pm, put my jacket on and headed for my car. I had help listening to Dr. Jeffrey's brain wave music that helped me to sleep long and deeply.

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Anonymous said...

That brain wave music is lovely - thanks for posting it!