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Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Am I Going Pay For Parking In Downtown Tacoma?

I met up with family in downtown Tacoma on Pacific Avenue on Saturday. I parked my car in one of the angled parking spaces right on Pacific near the Harmon Brewery and did some shopping for a good 45 minutes. When I returned to my car, my sister-in-law pointed out, "Hey, did you remember to pay for parking?"


Parking? Pay? Here?

Oh, yeah that's right.

And sadly, the parking pay station was right in front of my car and I was completely oblivious. Walked right past it.

I've was born and raised here and have lived here many years as an adult. Paying for parking downtown is a foreign concept to me. I am not used to this. And when the news reported the change, I didn't honestly pay attention much. I just sort of ignored it. I assumed it would go away. Wrong.

So back to Saturday. We decided to stay a little longer on Pacific before heading to dinner.

I didn't put any money in the meter. I stared at the pay station and just didn't do it.

I was lucky. No ticket, no towing.

Am I the only one that is spacing out about this (and being mildly defiant) or have I completely lost my mind?


Anonymous said...

Mildly defiant, you call it. I call it cheating, and whether you intended it or not, you could have still paid at any point.

Have you never parked on the street in downtown Seattle? It's the exact same system, and it's not rocket science.

I work on Pacific Ave near 19th, and if you don't want to pay for parking, just park on Market for 90 minutes free or on Fawcett for the whole day FREE.

Seriously, your whole time would have cost you like $1.25.

Anonymous said...

If you want Tacoma to act like a city then we must behave like city people. Many cities across the nation have paid parking. Why do so many people here make such an issue about this? Also, how would you not know about the parking issue? Have you been living in "mommy" world and not reading the news?

Kim Thompson said...


Yep, you are right. I haven't kept up on the news as much as I should these days. It's shameful, I know. But, hey, I am being honest and you all called me out. That's fair. When I did catch up, I forgot and went about business as usual.

Good suggestions on the freebies anon 1.

I know T-town is growing and it has to be a city. While I love the revitalization and vibe of downtown, I guess, I miss some of the ease of it all. And I guess I wish that cities could enough cash flow so there wasn't a need to have to charge for anything.

Yes, I will come back to Earth.


JosephMcG said...

I am taking the bus more...
Remember, Earth can be hard and cold...
I like going on a water cruise, or taking a train, or jetting off to see friends...

remember rule 6...
Taking ourselves too seriously is bad for our laughing bones

Kim Thompson said...

Like your rule!

Moiraz said...

Just leaving your car there without paying the fee or moving it to some other parking spot is unfair to those looking for a place to park in Tacoma.