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Friday, September 17, 2010

Yeah, Shame On You! A South Sound Fish Tale of Woe

A friend of mine did a recent post on Facebook about this encounter she observed while shopping in Federal Way. She was in line at a store when she heard the woman in front of her chatting it up with the clerk. The woman explained she was from out of town visiting relatives. She had never been to the Pacific Northwest before. She asked the clerk where she could find an excellent piece of fish to dine on for lunch as she heard  about the amazing seafood we had in our region. The clerk (and self-proclaimed native) happily referred the woman to an establishment that served the most delicious and best fish ever. And conveniently, it was right across the street!

Here's the food she recommended. Can you tell what it is and where it was from?

If you guessed it was the Filet o' Fish sandwich from McDonald's, you are correct!



Mizu Sugimura said...

That sounds pretty good right now. Gotta go - jumping in my car and heading out for McDonald's! :)

Lorraine Hart said...

Oh dear...bottom feeders...deep fried more than one or two times...yuck on both Mickey D and Burger Thing!

When we first came out, nearly fifteen years ago now...I think I ate salmon every night for about three weeks.

I feel very sorry for the person who thought this crappy fried thing on a bun was fish.

Kim Thompson said...

Well, this fishy tale has a happy ending. My friend intervened with the woman in the parking lot. Our rep was saved!

Lorraine Hart said...

Phew!! Make sure someone tells her where she can go for a good coffee...McCafe ain't it either!