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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Martin King Library--One of my favorite hangouts

That's right... the library. I thank my mother and grandmother, my teachers and friends who taught me how to read and speak with skill and power. They helped me to tie my imagination, memory, reason, and senses together in such a way that I can pass away many hours considering the meaning of various fictional, historical, and scriptural creations. I was in the shower just a few moments ago and I found myself thinking of the types of discipline used in the bible and how those forms are still used (to our detriment) today. I wonder how many folks get off into outer space like I do.
Check me out... proudly standing next to the picture of Dr. Martin Luther King in the King Library!!!

Three novels by Grace F. Anderson... mysteries...and that wonderful soul sister just knocked my socks off!!! She (and Walter Mosley) are teaching me so much about Black self-hatred. Self-loveI am a better person because I have come to see my own life a little clearer through Grace F. Anderson's eyes.

Kudos to the staff at the Martin King Library (and thanks to all my buddies at the downtown library.) You are providing a safe place and enjoyable space for me and so many other folks.

Thanks to Mayor Strickland and the members of the Tacoma City Council for providing funds for neighborhood libraries to stay open...

This video was taken on 19th, off Cedar, a quarter of a block away from the Martin Luther King Library (19th and Cedar)

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Lorraine Hart said...

Libraries are like portals to anywhere you want to go...and reading is one of the best gifts we can give children. Wonderful Joseph!