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Friday, September 17, 2010

Open Studio Tour 2010...Don't Forget The Key!

This weekend, Sept. 18th and 19th., marks the 2010 Open Studio Tour for Gig Harbor, Fox Island, and one special studio stop on the Key Peninsula. Thirty-two artists and twenty-eight studios are involved in this mini-tour of splendid art. Those who embark on the journey get their passports stamped, with the chance of winning incredible baskets full of art and special things! Don't you know, one of these beautiful baskets is sitting in my friend Jan Buday's studio, right now. Here's a sneak preview, just because, but to see the real thing you will need to drive down to Home.

As an added treat, Jan has asked another wonderful friend and artist out here, P. Arnold Thompson, to show his paintings at her studio. Mr. Thompson is special to me for his love and support of my daughter Anna. At one exhibition, she stopped in front of one of his paintings and told him all she could see in it...and he immediately gave it to her! He is well-known on the Key Peninsula as a landscaper extraordinaire, and for his own prize-winning garden. I'm so happy to share with you examples of his colourful, moving paintings. Many layers dance under the still water of this man's gentle personality. Come down the highway to see their vibrant being!

Jan Buday has been hard at work, making incredible glass beads and putting them on her exquisite Kumihimo braids. She has beautiful necklaces, earrings, and wonderfully whimsical knitting needles topped with glass beads! I love everything Jan does, and a Kumihimo lesson is in my Winter plans. Of course, it's my wedding anniversary next week...and I do believe there's a necklace that should whisper into my husband's ear, but that's just between you and me...sshhhh!

Both of these artists are well worth your time and gas to come down the Key...and let us not forget the beautiful "Art Basket" that you'll be able to visit and hope for. Get your tour map for the weekend and come this way, over the double bridges, over the Purdy Spit and down to Jan's Studio. Yes, hit the furthest point first and work your way back, through Gig Harbor and Fox Island. Check out for all the details. Happy and safe touring!

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Lorraine Hart said...

I'm so very thrilled to be wearing a beautiful Jan Buday necklace, bought by my husband for our 21st anniversary tomorrow. I bought him one of Pat Thompson's paintings, for his office wall.

Will tease you all now...there's going to be an incredible event at the Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo, November 14th...with a chance to meet and greet artists, musicians and authors and support the Arts for your Holiday shopping! Jan and I will both be there...and sooo many more. Stay tuned for a blog to come!